Wanted Trailer For 1 Or 2 Bike (s)

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  1. Hi all,
    Want to buy a trailer for one bike (or two).
    Will be in Banglok in a few days and in Chang Mai around the 15 (september) for 2-3 weeks.
    Thanks for any help
  2. how much do you want to spend. For a new legal one budget for 40,000b up, up, up
  3. I went to look at two of them for sale in Phuket 2 weeks ago
    one for two bikes the other one for three bikes
    Both for sale at 50,000 THB (second hand)
    They were strong (imported) but one was too large (3 bikes) the other one way to long.
    So still searching for the right one.
  4. There is one trailer for bike for sales in Royal Phuket Marina the owner name is Mike 0817871752
  5. You are better off buying a 3 bike trailer, with a 2 bike trailer its difficult to carry one bike, fine if you carry 2 all the time, with a 3 bike trailer you can carry one in the middle, or 2 on either side, or 3 in each one, just my thoughts and findings after owning both
  6. Hi,

    Pascal; Thanks for your info. I already saw the two that you mentionned 3 weeks ago or so. They were the ones I was speaking about in my previous answer to Thaicbr with the owner beeing Mike in RPM.

    David, Thanks for the Link, i have a lot to check and food for thought about possible circulation restrcitions.

    Dirtbikemike. Thanks for sharing your experience. What was the problem to carry one bike on a Two bikes trailer ?
    Definitevely a 3 bikes trailer is too big/wide for me.

    By the way : Going to Bangkok in a few days, does anybody know the name af that special motorbike road or zone in Bangkok where all the bikes and equipment shops are supposed to concentrate ?

  7. With a 2 bike trailer with one bike on it the trailer is very unstable as all the weight is on one side
  8. DirtbikeMike,
    Ok yes i understand perfectly and agree. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Hate to be argumentative but I've never seen a two bike trailer where if you carry only one bike it's loaded off to one side- that would be just stupid... :crazy:

    This is how most 2 bike trailers are set up:

    You can carry two bikes side by side OR one bike in the middle. I think I could probably squeeze 3 smallish dirtbikes on my trailer too if the need arose.

    I also recommend Upbeat. Joe got me sorted with a hitch and wiring on my Toyota Vigo for about 7000 Baht plus tax. Agree their factory is not easy to find but he faxed me a map that made it quite easy. Bought a second hand German-brand 2-bike trailer from a friend in Pattaya. It's zehr gut! :mrgreen:



    Happy Trails!

  10. Well i dont mind being argumentative ! lol,.ive been transporting bikes as a business for 30 years, 2 bike trailers that are designed for just that ( 2 bikes ) do exist ( fancy your gixer on this one tony ?, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2-Bike-Motorcycle ... 255d309dd0 ,. the pic of the bike on a 3 bike trailer carries one in the middle of its 3 runners ,and yes as someone said 3 dirt bikes can be carried on that trailer, 2 forward facing.one facing back, this is exacly how i carried bikes in the uk, 3 inside my van, one on a bar across the back on the tow bar and one to 3 on my 3 bike trailer, 7 in total, but tony if you know of a 2 bike trailer thats stable for 1 bike can i see a pic as its new to me, im NOT saying it dosent exist, but ive never seen one with 2 runners that works, ( ps, if thats jonnys trailer you bought thats perfect for 3 dirt bikes ,ask him ! lol

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