WARNING! Avoid Latest Version of BaseCamp

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    This information was emailed to me today. I personally don't use BaseCamp. I am just passing on the info! :thumbup:

    Garmin announced a few days ago new version of BaseCamp version 4.0.2 which is a replacement for Mapsource which is no longer supported. However, people are complaining that the new version let maps disappear in thin air and on the Garmin Forum they indicate now that you should not download/install it even though it is still on the download page of the Garmin website. Maurycy from Eagle GPS metioned that version 12 of the Thai map had disappeared from his computer but that version 11 still worked.

    Garmin announced the release of BaseCamp version 4.0.2 for the PC. However, be careful as there seem to be problems with it which causes maps to disappear in thin air - see here:


    and here:



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