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  1. Just coming back from Cambodia I have a warning to be delivered. I met Mr Lay from Lucky Lucky Motorcycles and he told me to tell everybody who have registration from Lucky Lucky to be very careful when driving especially in Phnom Penh. The Police is cracking down on their probably "private" but unlegal registration business. If you are stopped by the police they will check your registration plate and if there is missing a new stamped number they tell you that they will take the bike to the custom house. To get it out from there will cost you doubble the custom fee approx 1000 Usd -+ 300 depending on the bike.You can get a new "more" legal plate for 400-1000 Usd.

    I assume many of you do not even know if your Cambodian registered bike has a legal plate or not since the paperwork and plate look similiar. Also as far I know there is no problem at the borders and other places than Phnom Penh.

    One way to check if the plate is legal or not is to try to take of the blue line around the plate with your finger if it goes off easily it is unlegal.

    If you are caught by police I highly recommend that you settle the problem straight at the point, it will cost you 10-20- Usd and the money will go in to corrupt police pockets.

  2. To All,

    It may be true that there is a problem with real fake plate and fake real plate.
    One is missing the reflection paint to be seen at night.
    I was delivered the "fake one" (which is called temporary) because I didn' t want to wait three months to get it and go to Laos.
    If there is a problem you should NOT pay on the street to the police.
    It is just because stupid people pay that police stop more foreigner driving OFF road bike.
    I have the paper that the tax has been paid for my bike.

    The normal price for such "offence" is 5000 Khmer Riels.
    I have been stopped several times by police already.
    I just tell them (in Khmer) that I am on the hurry and that I have an urgent appointment with the XX Minister. Then I just turn power on.

    I asked to a friend who is policeman he was surprised about this scam and told me that I should not pay anything.

    You can also tell the police the should better look a people who don't stop at red light or go on the wrong way in oneway street.

    So, please, if problem argument with police.
    Don' t pay.If you argument police give up quickly!

    If police try to stop you, just try to avoid them and speed OFF, then take 1st street to right or left!

    Philippe the advisor!!
  3. I think the rego is an issue depending on who stops you.

    I have seen designated checkpoints setup in PP that check for genuine rego, (which means import tax has been paid). If its fake, they load the bike onto a flatbed truck and you have to pay double the import tax to get the bike back.
    However regular traffic cops just want some quick cash so donations starting from R5000 (depending on ones negotiating skills) should suffice.

    I think if you live in Cambodia, its silly not to have legit rego and Cambodian driving licence. 3rd party insurance eg ($80/annum for a 400c) not a bad idea either as they will represent you in an accident.
  4. Thank you Bill for the help and Philippe for the feedback. It is always nice to be called stupid.I think that Bill did understand my point. If you are stuck with polices wanting to confiscate your bike it is by far more easy and cheap to try to get away by paying a few bucks to a local police even if I understand that it will hurt the local falang community who try to reduce bribing the local police by telling lies about meetings with ministers (probably you are not dressed in enduro gears) or trying to escape the police.


    Ps Philippe no hard feelings...
  5. From what I ahve heard; Flying Bikes on st 110 will organise real plates for a bike that is in Cambo without real plates for $300

    You pay the money and eventually get a real tax paid registration for your bike

    I have not done this but have heard of it from several reliable sources


  6. Over the years I bought 8 or 9 bikes from Flying bikes, always with correct registrations included in the price. Nowadays you have to go to the office in person, have yout photo taken with the computer. 1 month later you have the plate and card. With two of my bikes I have crossed the border to Thailand without any problems. Get the real deal!!!!
  7. I had fake plates on my djebel and paid 300 for the taxes and proper rego card at flying bikes (i even got an oil change some some other work thrown in). I never got stopped before as I was always out after the cops went home.

    went to thailand once on the fake cards. used to have a blank white card and made a copy of it. they came out with nice fake cards with a photo on them . I went to lucky to get the photo fake. went to had lek and apparently there was a typo on the photo card with the wrong plate number. sorry cant come in. oh wait how bout my laminated copy of the non picture card that I still kept in my wallet. yeah that will work. welcome to thailand.

    getting a bike in pnh now you will be paying taxes and getting proper registration. for visitors that want to buy a bike here then travel around the region, this will take about a month, but they can still give you fake regos that work to cross borders while you wait for the proper one to come in.

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