Wat Chan - Samoeng Accomodation


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Aug 20, 2018
I'm planning a MHSL trip and having some problems with one of the days which includes Mae Taeng loop, then going towards Pai on 1095, and then taking 1265 & 1349 to Samoeng via Wat Chan. I have the latest edition of MHSL and it says there's a hotel/guesthouse Pang Ma O which will be perfect as I don't want to drive too much on that day. Pang Ma O hotel has zero online present unfortunately, so if you guys have a phone number or can recommend some other place to stay (ideally half way between Wat Chan and Samoeng), I'll be most grateful.
Btw, there will be 9 of us and no one is particularly eager to share the room, so it needs to be a relatively big place (or two resorts close by).