Wat Doi Suppanyu Mae Wang

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    Wat Doi Suppanyu is located at map coordinates N18° 38.655` E98° 48.787`

    The easiest way to access the temple is to take the canal road HWY 3035 to the Mae Wang underpass, there turn right at the traffic lights onto HWY 1013, go through the main Mae Wang market area where the road is wide, after the road narrows take the first right turn, this road will take you all the way to the temple.

    To access the temple grounds by vehicle reverse your direction and take the first right, second right, third right, this brings you to the 4 Buddhas, to get to the Pagoda stay on the same road. Enjoy!
    IMG_2920.JPG IMG_2921.JPG
    Anyone for a climb up the stairs?

    IMG_2922.JPG IMG_2923.JPG IMG_2924.JPG IMG_2928.JPG IMG_2929.JPG IMG_2930.JPG IMG_2934.JPG
    A constantly shimmering mass off bees

    IMG_2938.JPG IMG_2940.JPG
    Almost looks like Thai script!

    Pagoda located about 600 metres away

    The top of Pagoda, there are fantastic 360 degree views from here of the Mae Wang valley and Nam Phrae


    The 4 Buddhas looking back from the Pagoda

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  3. DavidFL

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    Nice photos Scotty.
    That Wat really is a bit of a gem eh?

    Now I can see I missed that pagoda at the top too.
    The Mae Wang loop
    I wonder what happened there?

    For anyone looking to go out there, it is on the GTR MHS Loop map too

    Mae Hong Son Loop Map

    There's a stack of attractions out that way in the Mae Wang valley & if you check out the wat, you can do the Mae Wang Loop as a day ride.
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  4. GTR-Admin

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    So... did you get a count of those stairs as you walked up? ;)

    The bees really do seem to have an affinity for gilded Buddhas, the large reclining one at Chom Thong is covered with them too.
  5. scotty007

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    No didn't count them, but no problems for a young man like me 555! Yes the bees in the Chom Tong reclining Buddha are even more impressive, when I was there there was thousands and thousands of dead bees making a carpet around the Buddha!
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