The Mae Wang loop

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  1. The Mae Wang loop
    Date: 28.7.2007
    The Way: Chiang Mai(Montri) - Sanpathong - Mae Hae - Bo Kaew - Huai Mana - Samoeng - Chiang Mai (The Kafe)
    The Routes: 108 - 1013 - 1269 -108
    Distance: 177km.
    Total time: 5h 45min
    Riders: thailasse and nine thaillasses friends
    Bikes: 3xHonda 250 cc AX-1, 250 cc NX Honda, Honda Magna 750 cc, 3xHonda 400 cc Four, Honda Nova Dash
    Service-car: Honda CRV

    Map: Mae Hong Son The loop

    Pics: Lasse's Paradise-

    The Mae Wan loop in You Tube

    The Mae Wang loop is exellent day trip from Chiang Mai. Beautiful scenery, winding, narrow, dirt and mountain asphalt road.

    Some pics from the Mae Wang loop

    Ready go to the loop



    First stop near Ban Kat


    Chang and baby chang in Mae Wang






    Greetings from Finnish riders



    Samoeng, last stop before when arrive Chiang Mai



    The Kafe, you can meet here GT-Riders and David Unkovich.

  2. Out snooping around in Mae Wang recently & looking for a spot for some pics.....& It's always good to pop up an old post & show long some guys have been posting & supporting GT Rider. Thanks Thailasse.

    Wat Don Kaeo




    which is west of R1013 & basically behind the Mae Wang police station, but on a rural back road parallel to R1013 the Mae Wang road.

    Up the Mae Wang valley there's some new accommodation at Plern Malee's guesthouse



    Another 2.5 kms further along R1013 in Mae Win is the Wynnley resort with some cute A frame bungalows.


    continue along R1013 & you get to Mae Sapok, the Chiang Mai Toy Ride held an event in 2010 here

    Wat Mae Sapok


    Back towards Sanpathong, in Ban Kat, I found the retirement home for old tyres & plastic bottles.



    Keep riding & keep finding new "gems."
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  3. Back fossicking around near Mae Wang - Sanpathong....

    A no name temple - private garden


    Huay Manao lake - reservoir



    then a surprising find



    a huge resort - health centre so it turned out, but at first I honestly was not sure exactly what the place is






    Want more info: The Pha Daeng Mansion
  4. Wat Sapphanyu......the 4 big Buddhas with a view


    & a winking Buddha too


    A school around the back.

    The View

    & that's a lot of steps to climb if you're unfit


    but there is a concrete road around the back & up to the top.

    Not easy to find the first time. Here's the entrance, once you get on the right road.

    & a GTR Map

    GTR-WatSapphanyu001. Location of Wat Sapphanyu on the GTR MHS Loop map

    Well worth a look & climb to test out your fitness & enjoy the view
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  5. A route of light traffic always worth exploring.

    Thailasse report also highlights how big bike motorcycling has changed in such a short time, just those few years ago most all bikes in trip reports are older, well worn/loved, import models - and often of similar model lines, ie the AX-1 and NX. Just a couple years later Kawasaki broke the mold with the 250's, than the 650 P twins, and you're etting more varied models available fast. Can't wait to return and play like Captain Slash.

  6. Check out the Mae Wang Loop update here too

    It's all paved now.


    Plus there is Coffee Rider in the Mae Wang valley


    GPS Waypoint: N18 40.230 E98 38.784
  7. I really love the Mae Wang Loop. I test rode a Yamaha MT03 and Honda CB300 on it a few months back. Did a review on them on my blog here.
    If this isnt ok to post, please accept my apologies and delete!

    *NOTE*: I haven't yet ridden any bikes with any significant power. My dtracker is just 250cc, so getting the chance to ride something with a little more power was a lot of fun. Im still happy with my dtracker for general trips, but it has even less power since i dropped a sprocket (to give it more torque in the mountains). Not hugely less (it went from top speed 130 down to 120), but enough for me to miss it when im on straight roads. The dtracker isnt meant for speed anyway and judders a lot at speed. So..i definitely noticed the difference in this department on the MT03 / CB300. No juddering.

    Anyway, Mae Wang is so scenic and seemingly used much less than say the Samoeng Loop. Ive kind of done the Samoeng Loop so many times now Im a little (dare i say it!) tired of Mae Wang makes a really nice change. I always end up stopping at the area where they do river rafting etc for a bite to eat and stick my feet in the water there. Very peaceful! :)

  8. I cant see how to quote a post..but ive been so meaning to see Wat Sapphanyu.! Thanks for the reminder!! Now on my "to do" list :D
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  9. Just hit the reply button on the post.

    Wat Doi Suppanyu Mae Wang
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  10. Haha..that comment was April LAST YEAR David. I figured it out since then ^^^ :p
  11. It's inspired me next time in Thailand to do the Mae Wang Loop. Cheers

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