Wat Pra Ba See Roy near Mae Rim

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  1. Took the weenie bike to Wat Praba See Roy north of Mae Rim and was wondering if anyone can report on the condition of the single track to Pong Kwao Hot Spring. I didn't see that dashed line on the GT-Rider Mae Hong Song map until I got back, but that would make a nice loop ride. (From CM to Mae Rim, to the Wat, down to Pong Kwao Hot Spring, and back out to the Sameoung loop.)

    If you haven't gone up to Wat Praba See Roy, you are missing some great views of terraced farms and forests. As you climb, stop at the first roadside stand on the right with the lady sleeping in the hammock. Great rice cakes, oranges, and apples. Great day ride and they do have a small restaurant across from the wat. The route is very steep with a lot of blind corners.
  2. This is what happened to me starting from the temple and heading down:


    Everyone knows I hate single track but the worst type of single track is
    downhill :cry:


  3. Don't you just hate it when some smart alec is there to catch that special moment as it happens, in such slow motion that you can count the seconds as you go from being in control, to feeling pretty stupid ??

  4. Thanks for the info, and the pic is priceless! The trail does indeed look like real single track and not the usual double-wide with con-endo-crete! Headed back up there later this week to find the garage trail portal.
  5. Ally - I'm used to looking/feeling pretty stupid when I ride single track so no worries there!

    Idaho, there should be a trip report on the route somewhere in this sub-forum from December 2006. If I remember rightly, you go past the temple on your left, up to a trail which dead-ends but if you look over your left shoulder, there is a house on a raised up bit of ground. You go up the drive and to the right of the house is a carport type structure. Go through there and the trail starts. Good luck and don't forget to take some pics!



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