Weather in Kanchanaburi in March/April

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  1. enveetee

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    Good day folks

    Well another, year another trip planned.

    After spending a month in the CM area in March 2009 on a Wave, the wife and I were struck by how bad the air quality was (stubble burning I beleive)

    We relocated to BK for a week or so where, strangely the visibility was better!

    This time we're aiming for Kanchanaburi, just a quick question. Anyone got any idea of what the air quality is like in that area in March April. Does it get affected by the stubble burning like the north does?

    Cheers Nigel
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  3. enveetee

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    Thanks for the reply - have you been there in March/April? What was the visibility like


  4. enveetee

    enveetee Member

    Hey Captain

    Cheers for that. I think we'll take a punt, if it's smoked out like CM was in 2009 in March we'll head south

    Thanks for your efforts

  5. monsterman

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    At hat time of year it may get occaisional thunderstorm but most of the time it will be hot , and then hotter ..but not smoked out like CM

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