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  1. I am hoping to go to Lao on my Bike for a couple of Weeks.Cross at Nakhon Phanom then Bolivan Plateu and down to Sii Phan Dhon.I did this last December and had a great time. I was just wondering if anyone has information on the Weather in Lao right now.I have found some information on line,it appears that there has been flooding.Ideally I would like to go this Week,but obviously if the roads are affected by floods it would not be a good idea!! I wrote about my trip last December and anyone who has been or is thinking of taking a Bike to Lao may find it of interest
  2. I read in the Bangkok post that the Monsoon season should end Mid October..

    There is still a lot of water to pass. Would expect any rivers / creeks to be flowing for some time. (Assuming you will be on-road and off-road)

    Depends on your schedule.. I would hang off for at least a week or two and let things settle down a bit and make sure the monsoon really has ended. It wont take much for the rivers to rise again after all the wet we have had.

  3. Currently rain is mostly south of us, they expect another round 15 - 18 I read this am. But fingers crossed we may have seen the worst of it up here.

    Heading off this weekend for a few weeks Laos Cambo myself.. So hope that the weather has turned in our favor.
  4. I will take your advice Brian,and give it another Week and see if the rain as stopped by then
  5. Yes I really feel the need to get away for a couple of Weeks.But will give it another week, no point asking for trouble.Incidentaly I would love to do Cambodia but have been put off by stories about bigger bikes not being allowed in plus all sorts of other nonsense,any Views?
  6. In your initial post you didn't indicate whether you are renting or have Thai licensed bikes.
    If you Thai bikes, licensed in your name (green book), you'll have no problems departing Thailand and entering Cambodia, regardless of the bike's size.
    A search will reveal the procedures: departing Thailand and entering Cambo.
    If you've rental bike, there have been some people indicate they were able to depart Thailand, with a letter of permission from the owner/rental agent,
    but that can be chancey and my well depend on luck and the mood of the personnel at Thai Immigration.
  7. Hi yes my bike is Thai registerd and I have the Green Book,I am also going to have another go at getting a Tabian (Passport for bike) I did go to the Land Transport Office outside of Udon last year,but did not have any luck,but will try again.The thing that has prevented me from attempting Cambodia and Vietnam before now are the stories about petty theft and hassle from the police whom it would seem extort the Weekends Beer Money out of Falang!! The Thai police are bad enough ,I was stopped several times driving my new motor down to Krabbi!!
  8. You don't need the bike passport any more and I don't believe they are issued any longer from what I have read on the forum.

    If you have the green book in your name it is very easy.

    I usually take 3 photocopies of the Green book pages, anything that has a page printed on.
    3 copies of my visa and passport...

    You don't really need all of the above in threes.. But had a couple of times where the official seems to have his own ideas on what is needed.
    So a few copies of everything has worked and some take all of the copies I present and others only take what they need or want.
    and what ever they don't take I keep in a sperate location to my passport and green book just in case they get lost.
    Saves a possible annoying trip to a photcopier when you just want to get across the border.

    Here is a link to an earlier post and the procedure to cross at Chong Mek


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