Weather - Rainy season etc


Jun 1, 2008
HI again

I have researched on internet and got some conflicting results.

Planning next years trip and it will be somewhere in the middle of the year. The dates can be a bit flexible but I am looking for a four week period where it is clean and green.

Last year I was there in June and that was just fine. I read some reports after I had left and it appeared that the rains had become more consistent. My own experience was pretty good (June), some rain but generally good riding weather and excellent visibility.

With this in mind, is it better to come end of May and stay for June, or come end of june and stay July. Is it still a lottery at this time of year or do locals have a view on the season.

Advice and pointers appreciated



Jun 28, 2007
Tony, as you stated already it's quite a lottery.
I'm commuting to work most days by bike, only when visitors are there I'm driving by car. What I experienced over the years was just sometimes the weather changes quickly and it's pouring down heavily in the afternoon/evening. In the morning you hardly have any rain.
Solution: I've got a fullbody overall which I just slip over my bikegear. Gloves and boots are waterproof, so no problem here, just takes 3 minutes to get me waterproofed and that's it, I don't do any considerations what weather it could be, to ride or not to ride is no option for me. Back in Austria I even used to ride a bike when it was snowing......I wouldn't worry just take an easy foldable rain-overall with you and enjoy the riding ! Cheers, Franz


Feb 8, 2007
Hardly predictable... So take it easy...

In North and CNX area, as said Franz usually, if raining, it's coming at the end of the day, around 4 or 5 pm. Very rarely in the morning or at the midday (but may happen...).
Very different in South...
Furthermore, usually you get from 1 to 2 or 3 hours raining only (but can be sudden downpours!). Many times you only go for 1/2 an hour raining... So don't bother so much.
But may be raining all night long too! Rarely...
As do Franz, and when I go for a ride without my wife as the passenger, I don't care the weather in this season. If you care too much those clouds at the horizon, it may happen you never leave! I just go riding and let's see what happen... Maybe just a bit more aware when leaving home in evening with heavy cloudy sky...
But unlikely Franz, and because I only ride for the pleasure (no work, no commitment and so on...) I don't bring any "raincoat"... Usually I easily find rescue under a bridge or the front shelter of a shop or something like that, just chating (many peolple there in this case!), smoking (good moment to!) or drinking coffee (if available right there!) for a little while...
Eeemh, but yes I must confess some times I came back home soaked like going out a swimming-pool full-dressed... But good for mudguards you know: they are REALLY cleaned by underside!
Seriously, if riding a long way home, better to wear rainproof boots and gloves and bring a full rain-cover as well...

Cheers, and enjoy your future trip!