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  1. Welcome 4WD-ers...
    Ok guys you've won me over - a 4WD forum to help you explore the region, plus share tips & info with us motorcyclists.
    I hope you enjoy this section of GT Rider & find it useful.
  2. Does anyone have any information on this town, Feuang, located west of Done and West of Hin Hoeup. It appears to be about 10-15 kms southwest of Done.

    We are a non-profit organization interested in building a high school in this town. We would also build tourist and volunteer accommodation to generate cash to fund the operations of the school.

    We need to know if this is an attractive location where tourists, volunteers, bikers, trekkers, etc, would be interested in visiting.

    Thank you for any information you can provide.

    Joseph Barrett: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  3. Feuang is at the moment definitely not on the tourist trail. The road from Hin Hoeup to Done and Feang is partly paved while the road south from Feuang is unpaved. Last time I was there I counted 7 guest houses in Feuang/Done so your tourist facilities will have some competition.

    North of Done/Feang the Chinese are building the Nam Lik 2 hydropower station. North west of Done/Feuang is the place where quite a large number of people displaced due to the construction of the Nam Ngum 2 hydropower reservoir are being resettled.

    Going south from Feuang will bring you to the Mekong river at Vang/Nam Hi and a very sleepy international border crossing to Thailand (Ban Khok Pai/Pak Chom).

    Anyway, I would recommend that you visit the place to have a look first hand and discuss things with the locals.

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