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    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... html#41221

    Well let's suck it & see if this is a help to all you mountain bike / cycling guys.
    You're welcome to use this forum as a tool to help build up a cycling community in North Thailand / Thailand / Laos.
    Good luck I hope it works for you.
  2. Thanks for your prompt reaction. Unfortunately I can not contribute a lot this year. Will be something for the future.
    Back in Belgium.
    It would be a great help if everyone who owns gps or a similar device could post an altitude profile in his trip report. :wink:
    Very helpful for mountainbikers.
  3. thanks David ,

    i have a lot of information to share about cycling in chiangrai province , not on gps yet

    mixed road & off road , steep hills or easyriding up & down , everything is possible for everyone

    one bike shop in town with good quality parts & bike for rent :

    Fatfree bike shop ( behind doi chaang coffee shop )
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    and northern bike shop on highway a few km north past bridge on left side , rent bike also

    more to come later

    keep on biking
  4. Good Section as there is definite synergy here.

    Cartographer meets Cyclists
    Lost in Laos given a helping hand by FL

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