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    Last week I saw something that I never seen before in Cambodia. While staying in he Prum immigration making visa for Cambodia there were Enduro riders starting to arrive and stopping just before the border. I am used to see one or two friends on my trips (mostly Harrithefinn and his finnish friends) or some Phnom Penh rental drivers but this was different. While we were still waiting for the visas they started to cross the border and since they were all numbered I think they were all of them at least 58 since that was the highest number. They were all allowed to cross the border without passport and the immigration just crossed the number of the bike on a paper when they crossed the border. Most of the bikes were 250 Enduro Suzukis nad Bajas and real MX machines but among the bikes were modified KSR Kawasakis and Honda dreams etc. All were wearing enduro gears of different quality. They all looked hard cores. I could only speak briefly with them while they were crossing but I understood that they were going home to Chantaburi after a Cambodian trip. If anybody lives in Chantaburi it would be nice to get in contact with them because I think they were real enthusiasts.

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    hi hiko. you are right this was an enduro organised by the chantaburi club,i have ridden one of their enduros in the past and thay are a great bunch of guys and ride all sorts as you say including modified sonics and suchlike, at the evening do there was a very high up police official with a new range rover that was keen to talk to me and tell me he was happy to see a farang competing, very friendly, i enjoyed it immensly, it always surprises me when we ride rural thaland, the thai people are so friendly and genuine, unlike pattaya and the likes, i too ride cambobia, probably the best roads for trail/enduro bikes in the world,

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