What docs are required to bring a bike into THailand?

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  1. This isn't a complete newbie question, I have done my research... but the research wasn't terribly helpful :)

    Thai customs web site says that I need the following docs:

    A Special Goods Declaration and 5 duplicates.
    A Vehicle Registration Certificate.
    An Identification card and passport of the master of the vehicle, including an international driving license.
    A Letter of Attorney, in case where the master of the vehicle does not own the vehicle.
    An application form for the temporary import of personal vehicles.
    Evidence of purchase e.g. a proforma invoice, invoice, etc.
    A Certificate of Legal Entity.
    A Re-Export Contract; and.
    Other relevant documents (if any).

    (http://www.customs.go.th/Customs-Eng/Pe ... ersonalTem)

    I can do [2] and [3] easily. I don't need [4] because it's in my name. Do I really need [6] and [7], or is that just when the bike's not in your name? Can I get [1], [5] and [8] at the border?

    And tell me [9] isn't referring to a succession of small, folding documents with numbers and the King's head on them...

    Setting off tomorrow morning, maybe I should have checked this earlier...

  2. Yeah it's a bit late doing it the night before alright.
    I guess you are talking about a temporary import.
    If yes then go here
    in particular the paragraph titled Thailand.
  3. Thanks - I had read that, but I'm still slightly fazed by the list of docs that the Thai Customs site demands. Has anyone been asked for an invoice for their bike or other 'evidence of purchase' when driving across the border?

    Yes, temporary import, riding in from Malaysia

  4. Temporary import.
    Thailand has its own vehicle temporary papers that are issued on arrival at the border. Subject to local insurance you are normally granted import for the length of your visa (one, two or three month), up to a maximum of 6 months. The overstay fine is 200 baht a day, with a maximum fine of 2,000 baht plus a stern warning not to do it again, or you will lose your bike. I've seen a few warnings given out to other riders over the years, & it's embarrassing to be around at the time!

    Just bring your ownership book & you'll be ok.

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