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  1. What is the proper spark plug for a 93, 800 Kawasaki Vulcan?

    You would think the shop manual would show it, if ti does I can't find it.

    I;m hoping to find a cooler plug to as the last part of cooling the beast down. Really done pretty good thus far, might as well go the other step. :happy1:
  2. Finally found it the service manual :happy3:
  3. Just in case someone else needs the information the correct plugs are:




    The NDU is the cooler plug I believe
  4. Ray.. The NDU plug is the same as the NGK just made by Nippon Denso not NGK. the cooler plug will not make the bike run cooler its really to compensate for hot or cold weather to make the engine run correctly (i may be wrong but thats what i've read)

    see spark plug info here http://www.dansmc.com/sparkplugs1.htm
  5. Thanks it's done and happy now. I let Mechanic get busy on it it's running a tad bit cooler. Which one of all the things I did, helped the most darn if I know.

    Just curious, is there a way to sit the timing on a bike?

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