Where can I buy a set of GOOD spark plug wires, for a 400 Steed?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by globalgypsy, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,
    A friend of mine, just bought a used 400 Steed, but it came with the cheap "carbon core" stick-on wires. Where can a guy get a good set of spark plug wires for a Honda Steed?
  2. Hi Friends, Hi GlobalGipsy,

    I would say if you are courageous enough to travel to BKK, you'll find all specialities you need in the Chinese Mechanic Area of BKK, I want to say Klongtum.

    In this area, you'll find, concentrated, all parts suppliers for cars but as well for bikes, just enter shops and ask. When business is forseen, this people are quite helpful.

    I found batteries, air filters and others, available and for a reasonable price.

    Good luck !

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