Where to buy new/ near new GSXR750?

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  1. I've been living in LOS a while now and have decided its time for me to splurge on a big bike. I have decided after trying a few that a GSXR750 is the way ahaead for me as they are a balance somewhere between a 600 and liter bikes.
    What with all the potential greif there seems to be with second hand bikes and dodgy green books not to mention limited availability of bikes I decided to lash out on a new one.
    I thought I had nothing better to do than call thaisuzuki in Bangkok and tell them what colour I wanted. They told me they can only get bikes made in Thailand (scooters). I also called some other place SP Suzuki and they told me to call Thaisuzuki! I have also sent emails to various places as well as Thaisuzuiki again but nobody has bothered to reply. Has anybody on here managed to buy a new Suzuki in Thailand? if so from where?
    Alternatively if anyone has a fully legit GSXR750 less than 2 years old in blue and white for sale let me know


  2. Suzuki and Honda have been talking and preparing to sell big bikes in Thailand and have been at big shows like Bangkok Motor Show, but as yet do not have a dealer network or bikes available in stock in Thailand. I heard that Suzuki were preparing a showroom somewhere in Bangkok, but I do not know wether it is open. Dealers like Red Baron can offer Suzuki bikes and will get a new genuine Green Book for a price.
  3. Red Baron's got a new GSX-R 1000 in stock:
    Only 768,000? :happy5:
  4. Honda and Suzuki, much Bla-Bla and no action, go either for a Triumph, Kawasaki, Ducati, or Yamaha. Red Baron is a good alternative.
    Some news published in some other local bike related websites are to be taken with loads of salt as there's more rumours than facts.
    You haven't got a choice of colours and models but should consider what's right now available. Some useful websites:
    Sorry, haven't got a website of Triumph but you should find the link in the Triumph section in this forum.
    Consider also the service these 4 manufactorers offer, best would be Yamaha, heard nothing negative from Duc and Triumph either, Kawasaki seems to get a little arrogant because of their market share right now up here in CNX workshop.
    Good luck in finding a matching bike. Rgds, Franz
  5. Thanks for the replies/advice. I'll have another look at what the other manufactures are selling.
    Might just fly around on my PCX a bit longer to see if something comes up :)

  6. you can buy right here


    this site has hundreds and hundreds of bikes for sale. prices are usually negotiable.

    good luck, this one looks the best from what i have found. you will need someone who can read thai who can get all the details for you, but from a brief read it has a front brake brembo master cyclinder and has done 4,***kms. he also claims import duties of 3% have been paid for already. you could then set about getting a green book by whatever means tickles your fancy.
    bike is in pak chong in nakhon ratchasima province.

    good luck.

    p.s im not invovled with the sale of this bike, i just saw your ad and thought i would help. i check this website daily as i am looking for a CBR1000RR 2008 model. so when i saw the gixxer up for sale i remembered your post.
  7. There is a new big bike shop in Pattaya, called Pattaya Superbikes (or something like that).
    It is located on Soi Siam Country Club, if you turn from Sukhumvit into Soi Siam Country Club, it is around 100-150 meters on the left side.
    They had a 2007 or 2008 GSXR 750 and a 2007 or 2008 GSXR 600 for sale. Not cheap, around 480.000-500.000 , but they told that they would come with all original papers and green book.
    They had a CBR600R, a CBR1000RR, a 2007 R1, a 2005 or 2006 R1, a CBR 1300, and a few cruisers there.

    And both GSXR's were blue /white ones....
  8. Thanks again to all who took the time to reply its given me a few other places to look.
    I did come across that pattaya superbikes just recently (I saw their ad on pattaya live) I'll go and have a look at their options tomorrow.Anybody had any dealings/feedback about them??

    I also got a new bike quote from Red Barron BKK of 730000 plus 2-3 months wait if they have in stock just now in Japan


  9. All sorted. Got a 2008 low miles model from Pattaya Superbikes :)

    All I need now is a quieter exhaust for it

    Cheers for the help and suggestions all

  10. dont be a spoil sport, lets have a PHOTO!! show us that beast!!

    for motivation you know :thumbup:

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