Where to find a 13T front sprocket for KLX 250

Discussion in 'Technical' started by mastamax, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    This subject was discussed already, but recently tried to buy a 13 teeth sprocket for my klx250 but without success.

    Went to kawasaki shop, they said it doesn't exist (it appears to me that they don't really have a clue when it gets to specific stuff though this isn't really very specific).

    Then went to the MX shop, the guy said he could make one for me, it would take him 2 days. Didn't ask the price yet as I would prefere other options (if available).

    So does anyone have a spare one, know where to buy, or even order from abroad (shipping costs are certainly not that big for such a little piece)?
  2. Try Dirt Shop in Bangkok. Its where I got my f/r last time. Not sure locally.
  3. I called the shop already, they said that they don't have any, only 14T. Saw them on their forum, but it's only for klx 125.

    Also tried to buy from a US site, which sells to Thailand (ordered gear from them already) it's called http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/index.php and they sell front sprockets for 300 baht, but when I get to the final form it says they can't send parts abroad...
  4. Thanks, but they don't ship to Thailand (Thailand is not listed in the address' countries).
  5. Would it not be easier to increase the size of your rear sprocket? There will be more wear on the front sprocket and chain if you go smaller.
  6. Ooops I didn't look. Wonder why Thailand is not on their list. Maybe they've never been to a Thai post office?
  7. Sent them an email, and they replied that they do ship to Thailand though it is not on their website:
  8. Nice one, that's pretty cool and may be handy for other stuff too.

    Anyways, anyone changed his front sprocket for a 13T one? Someone told me the protection pastic underneath the chain gets worn off really quickly and it is indeed a better idea to put a bigger back sprocket instead.

    Any experiences with this?
  9. Not sure if it`s the same size or not,but i bought a 13T front sprocket for my ZX150 from Kawasaki CM.
    They ordered it in from BKK @ 220 baht.

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