Where to get Bike Insurance in Thailand?

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  1. When I bought my D-Tracker new in Dec 2008 I took up the option of the first class insurance through the Kwak dealer. Turned out the company was 'Kurnia' and as I hadn't made a claim I obviously thought renewing with them would be no problem and that I might even get a years no claim discount. How wrong I was... turns out they only insure 'new' bikes... not one year old bangers like mine is now!
    I have found that my local dealer is very good at selling new bikes but their back-up support is rubbish. Hardly any service parts in stock, new tyres even have to be ordered and now they can't even get me an insurance renewal!
    Does anybody know where I can get some first class insurance at reasonable cost for this bike? I filled out the ins quote form on this site but when I clicked 'submit' nothing happened.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, If you wait 24 hours you will probably get a quote following the info you supplied. The form did the same to me, no apparent acknowledgement, but I still got a quote.
  3. I also have a 1 year old D Tracker which I bought from Kawasaki Chiang Mai after the original buyer returned it with 400ks on the clock, not to his liking. Buying second hand I was offered no insurance and I ended up accepting help from a local motorbike dealer and got the cheapest, legal insurance. Recently a friend of mine had an accident where a local rider came at him the wrong way down a highway, cut across in front of him and subsequently died in the crash. Local had no papers whatsoever but the Falang was persecuted by the police. Thankfully he had good insurance from CD Mai Kawa and he didn't end up too much out of pocket. That got me worried. So I tried the insurance site on G T Rider and had the same result as Bulshy, I don't think it worked at all. I tried Thaivisa and received a very quick reply but a very expensive quote, 14,000thb for first class insurance. Meanwhile despite his crash and a big payout, C Mai Kawa and have taken my mate on for a second year and at less than he paid before. I'll watch this thread and see if a good option turns up but I do think there is a malfunction with the insurance link on this site.
  4. I went to BT insurance on Sukumv. Road the other day and got myself 2 quotes for 1st class insuance for my D-Tracker...
    First one was by BT insurance themselves...Premium 11,788 Baht but they will only pay out a maximum of 100,000 Baht for total loss due to fire or theft, minus 5,000 Baht excess!
    Second quote was even worse... Premium 13,700 Baht but they again will only pay out 100K Max for total loss due to fire or theft but this time minus 10,000 excess!!!!
    I have decided to carry the risk myself and keep the premium in my own pocket unless I can get the gt-rider quote website to function (when you click 'submit' nothing happens... basically it does not work).
    Thanks for your replies, guys.
  5. Hi all,

    I don't realy know if I'm actually allowed to do this (see PS), but try this phone number (in CNX):


    Or this e-mail address:

    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    It's the direct (Miss) Khun Mam address at AAInsurance Chiang Mai (same contact as GT-Rider but direct)... As I understood, "they" have different offices in LOS.
    So, maybe send you enquiry and she (usually) will quickly answer you. Very kind and efficient person...

    All my bikes and cars are insured there through GT-Rider first contact months ago, and I feel OK...

    Furthermore, "they" have a interesting (IMHO) extended 3rd party which cover 1 Million Bahts for material damage to 3rd party + 1 Million Bahts/3rd party person up to 10 MBahts, 200000 Bahts bail bond and some other minor things... It is exactly what I was looking for: "big" coverage for third party in case of an accident by my fault, but nothing for theft, fire and proper damages to my bikes and cars (or me!) that are my own responsibility... Well, it's my choice: I must drive carefully and well care my "things"!
    As an example for my FZ6F or F650GS insured through this extented 3rd party coverage, I pay about 4000 Bahts/year/bike, CTPL included. And they promised me a discount for the second year if no claim...

    If can help...

    PS: I hope David is OK with this post giving direct address and phone number... If no for some reason I'm not aware of, no problem, can be deleted... :roll:
  6. Thanks Gobs. I was still watching this and have now sent the lady a message. I too want to cover my ass for being blamed for wrecking an expensive car, not really for the damage to my own bike. My own son was driving a car and there was an accident in which a truck was forced into the klong and the owners came at me with a 600,000thb bill. We are still 'on the run'. Steve.
  7. Yes, Ms Mam at AA was the real thing, very switched on, and the business is done. 4000Thb for a sort of 'middle path' insurance. Very easy to deal with. Steve.
  8. Well done Steve!

    As you said "I too want to cover my ass"!
    In my mind, my bike is a bike (steel, rubber and plastics...) but "a" third party, you never know what "it" can be! And I heard too many "horror stories"...

    And yes, Khun Mam at AA is "the real thing" :wink:


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