where to get certificate of registration in chiang mai

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  1. I am planning a road trip to Laos and would like to cross at Nam Heuang (if that's not possible I'll try Nong Khai). I read the following article:


    which mentions getting a Vehicle Registration Certificate for motorcycles (ITPs are no longer issued), which are basically just English translations of the bike's green book.

    Where in Chiang Mai city can I get an official Vehicle Registration Certificate?

  2. You are supposed to apply at the Land Transport Office -motorcycle office - in Nong Hoi.
    They say it takes a week, because it comes from the main R108 office past the airport on the Hang Dong road.
    You can go & ask at the R108 airport-Hang Dong office, but they told me to go back to Nong Hoi, however I pleaded urgency & got it there in 24 hrs.
    Note that I took the completed forms from Nong Hoi to the R108 airport - Hang Dong office & I think that was the winning trick. Only the "boss" in had to sign the form.

    Good Luck & let us know how you go.
  3. Thanks for the great info. I just went today. I paid 25 baht and was told to come back in a week...so far so good.

    I will mention though I looked up the Land Transport Office on Google Maps and it was a bit off. The actual location is about 1 km south of the location on the maps, at the Holiday Inn intersection. The location on the map is actually some sort of military building. The soldiers were kinds enough to direct me though.
  4. Everything went smoothly. I returned a week later at 8:30am. Didn't have to wait at all just showed them the number card they gave me and they quickly gave me my documentation. Cheers.

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