Where to get quality muffler packing in Thailand?

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  1. I've cut my stock muffler open and need muffler packing material.

    Preferably not some cheap fiberglass wool that burns up and blows out after a few thousand km.

    The local muffler shops carry only pre-made stainless steel mufflers, they don't sell packing.

    There must be a shop in BKK or somewhere that sells high-quality motorcycle muffler packing material?

    I don't have a credit card here so I can't order from the 'net.

    Any help appreciated!
  2. Contact K-speed or Kittisak Racing here in Bangkok. Or Home Motor in Chiang Mai- they can all repack a muffler. In fact, couldn't most any roadside muffler shop do this for you?
  3. Hi Klaus, just had a phonecall with Nut from Pistonshop, he admitted that he didn't yet succed in sourcing a reliable supplier for a good quality product. Usually they will give you 'glasswool' which is only partly heat-resistant and be gone or transformed to small particles within 3-4 months, similar to the insualting material one puts on the gypsum board roofs to get some insulation from in- or outside the house. What you need is real CaSiO2 insulation which according to Nut is difficult to get in LOS. I will try to make more inquiries in the coming days.
  4. I had to talk to a few muffler shops here until I found one who was willing to cut my stock muffler open. They have an assortment of stainless steel mufflers that go under cars, for 2,500 baht and up. But they don't mess with building a muffler or stuffing steel wool / fiber glass into old or used mufflers.

    Also what they'd be using would be low-quality insulation material which works well to insulate a water heater or a roof but would not withstand the heat of an engine. The stuff burns up and then gets blown out out, as Franz described. I need material specifically made for motorcycle exhausts - my 250 is a real flame-thrower! :)

    Do you have a number of an English-speaker at K-speed? Guess I'll google it later.

    Edit: got 'em: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=th&u=http://www.k-speed.net/&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dk%2Bspeed%2Bbangkok%26sa%3DX%26biw%3D1366%26bih%3D605
  5. CASIO is known for good sound... :)

    I'll have to weld that muffler shut and don't want to have to cut it open in half a year.

    Joelthailand wrote that his FMF packing does a good job: http://www.fmfracing.com/Products/MX/618

    Thanks for the help!

  6. Yes, I can attest that the FMF repack kit works very well. I did the R-77 Yosh carbon on my FZ1 after 12K miles as it was getting a bit loud. The FMF repack quieted it down just enough to keep the cops at bay, but still a nice tone. 22K on it now and still OK.
  7. Right, the stuff is not expensive, you can find it on ebay for ten to fifteen bucks.

    But why should I use someone's credit card and pay for shipping from the US? Shipping is more than the stuff itself.

    And if they mix up the order I can ship it back and wait.

    I rather deal with a local shop who ordered in bulk so the shipping is way less; I can pay them by ATM and if something goes wrong, we sort it out on the phone.
  8. Thanks for confirming my choice - actually Joel's advice.

    If it lasts more than 10K km in an FZ1 it should be good for life in my 250! :)

    Why didn't you go with Yoshimura repack?
  9. Since it doesn't seem possible to buy any FMF 4 stroke muffler packing here in Thailand I decided to buy some from the US through eBay.

    I am waiting for a response from the seller and will probably order some in the coming week.

    If anybody is interested in buying some please PM me; the more the better, that'll keep the shipping costs down.
  10. Because the FMF kit was right there on the shelf and the Yosh kit was triple the price and had to be ordered/shipped etc. But it is due for re-pack soon, actually overdue according to Yosh. I may go with their kit next time just to see the difference, plus you get their OEM rivets. I used generic ones and they worked OK but not quite the same fit.
  11. I sent K-speed two emails, one in English, then one in English and Thai but no reply - didn't really expect one, I don't remember if I ever got one from a Thai site.

    I'll go ahead and order next week, if anybody wants to order send me a PM.

    If you do, please send specific information on the article and amount, preferably with a link to the product, from this seller:

  12. I did that, too. That's the reason why I am looking for quality heat resistant material.
  13. Order went out.
  14. Yoshimura uses both. A few layers of stainless mesh around the center perf. pipe, then wrapped with the fiberglass to fill the can and quiet things down. The mesh seems to heatsink a lot of the spikes in temp and protect the glass from getting cooked.
  15. I don't think stainless steel and fiberglass are the right materials to use. No matter how you apply it, the heat will break it down, and the brittle parts will get blown out. Layered or not, if the material is not resistant to high temperatures it can't last.

    But it should be cheaper to produce and Yoshi should sell more of them because they don't last as long. :)

    Would be interesting to see how the two materials compare!
  16. Yep, it will eventually crap out. But interestingly the Remus Revolution carbons on my FJR have been on there since 2004/93,000+ miles and never repacked. Sound and look exactly the same as new. Not sure how Remus does it but not willing to break them open to find out. But I have always run them with the removable baffles out and I cut out the catalyst about the same time I put them on. So maybe it just runs cooler and freer than normal for them to live that long? But Remus makes top stuff for sure. Would have put a Hexacone slip-on the FZ1 but got a great deal on the Yosh header/full system.
  17. Did you include me?
  18. ^ Sorry, you didn't specify exactly what you wanted.

    My last PM to you was on Monday, 20th. Since I didn't hear from you I went ahead and ordered.
  19. Don't break them open - I suspect the answer lies on the outside! My muffler has a massive outer steel wall which heats up and transfers the heat back to the inside.
    Carbon doesn't heat up, keeps the packing much cooler so it lasts longer. A friend of mine told me he can touch his carbon pipe after a ride and not even burn his hand.

    I left the catalyst in so it should be a bit cooler and quieter.

    Remus builds top-notch products - whaddaya expect from the Germans?

    Did you know that they started out in 1990 as a family business and are selling their product in 60 countries now? Quite a success story.
  20. Yep, I had their complete system on my Carrera S and was the reason I went with them on the FJR as well. The 911 system was almost $7000 but included their 200 cell/high flow cats. Big difference in power all the way from idle to redline and great tone. All the American ones drone and sound like shit. They advertise they don't drone but they do because I have been in cars with them, gives me a headache. A shame to ruin the sound of that motor. Remus has the 3.6L figured out though.
  21. The shipment from the US arrived and I am a happy chappy.

    Seems like the only way to get quality muffler packing in TH is to order from abroad.

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