Where to get rid of oil, radiator coolant, etc.? (Chiang Mai)

Discussion in 'Technical' started by michaels, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Hi, where do people dispose of things like radiator coolant, oil, etc. after a
    change on the bike?
  2. I save the oil containers and refill them with used oil which I put in the trash. Always have extras because every time I get the pickup truck serviced they give me all the empty containers, so have some for oil, some for brake fluid, etc. I've tried on a couple occasions to give used oil to service stations that sell oil and they take it but give me weird looks. I guess they probably just pour it down the drain once I'm gone...

    As for coolant/antifreeze I just let it go down the drain as it's biodegradable and breaks down quickly.
  3. buy yourself a Royal Enfield, it's air cooled, and doesn't need oil changes, just oil refills :mrgreen:
  4. As in Thailand nothing is just wasted I am sure used oil can be re-used again .... some say you could use it as a mixture in diesel in your car ... I would not do that. But anyway where ever I went for oil-changes for car or bike the oil was always poured in a big drum so I assume they sell it again (or filter it and put it back in those empty oil containers and sell it as new again).

    Chang Noi

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