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  1. Hi All,

    This is my first post and forgive me if my questions being asked have been asked and answered many times before but can't seem to find what I am lookinf for on the forum.

    Where to buy my bike?

    I'm coming over for a spell of five months this winter from Europe and wish to buy a bike to ride in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

    Which of these three countries is the best place to buy?
    How long can I take a bike from Thailand into Laos for and vice versa? and the same for Thailand/Cambodia and vice versa.

    Where would I get the best price and service?

    I have lived and worked in Thailand many years ago and have ridden in all three of these countries so know about the conditions.

    Look forward to your responses

  2. What type bike do you want to buy? What is your budget? do you want new? etc.
  3. Get a Kawasaki KLX 250 or D-Tracker 250, new & legally registered with a book ready to go. Cheap, reliable & economical.
  4. Looking for something bigger really, possibly a DRZ 400 something with reasonable off road capabilities and enough power on the road.
    Budget of about 250k Bhat or more depending on what the Euro does in the next four months.
  5. Personally i would look at the forums relating to the 09 efi Kawasaki klx 250 and then do some of the mods. I think you may be suprised.
    Your resale value will be good on the new Kawasaki. Also you can be sure that it is 100% legal. The last thing you want is hassle at the border. Also you could order it ready for when you arrive so saving lots of time.
    Just my 2 pence as it were.
  6. I have a DRZ400S for sale in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. USD4k firm.
    PM me if interested.
  7. phil... how will the captain go over the border to LAOS and Cambo with no plate?
  8. Thanks for the responses.
    So if I were to buy a DRZ in cambo how would I get it registered and would it be ok to go over to Thailand and laos on?

    Would anybody be able to store a bike for six months when I return to France?
  9. FWIW:
    I wanted a DR650 and knew of one for sale in Cambo, which was registered/licensed there.
    I was told by the Land & Transportation Office, in Pattaya (Banglamung), that that I could not get a Cambo licensed
    bike legally transferred to a Thai registration & license. This may have been misinformation, but I would suggest
    that you do verify if it's possible to reg a Cambo licensed bike in Thailand before buying one!

    OTOH, you can enter Thailand with a Cambodian bike, licensed in your name, and keep it in Thailand for
    up to a _maximum_ of no more than 6-months. If you overstay that period, there is a chance that they may confiscate the bike.
    You can also travel through Laos with a Cambo plated bike, limited by the length validity of the Laos visa,
  10. I would assume that you can register a bike purchased in Cambo, but you would be paying the same 200% Duty, 60,000 baht for a green book that you would if you imported from Japan...


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