White Kawasaki Ninja 650R 2010 for sale.

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  1. jusu777

    jusu777 Ol'Timer

    Kawasaki Ninja 650R is now sold

    Attached files 269873=4331-22562_304510167731_721727731_3425261_8147634_n. 269873=4332-59219_432657012731_721727731_5041295_8250671_n.
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  3. Alain bike

    Alain bike New Member

    Hello, im interested in your bike, is he still for sale?? Im living in Pattaya so the deal can be done quickly... 0800 913 023 Alain
  4. Alain bike

    Alain bike New Member

    Im interested in Your bike, i`m living in Pattaya, so the deal can be done quicly...
  5. jusu777

    jusu777 Ol'Timer

    Ninja 650R is now sold.

    Attached files 271926=5415-WUT_3807. 271926=5416-WUT_3852.
  6. jusu777

    jusu777 Ol'Timer

    Some detail photos...

    Attached files 271953=5465-Ninja%20FW. 271953=5463-Ninja%20Odo. 271953=5466-Ninja%20RW. 271953=5464-Ninja%20Side%20Protector.

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