Who has driven this way already once ?????

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  1. Who has driven this way already once ???

  2. I tried from the north end this year, but it was getting wet and the surface was uncomfortable, so I turned around. I want to do it soon though
  3. When I was in Muang Sing, 3 years ago, I met 2 people from Holland. They wanted to do that trip. They had Lao Honda Baja with big tanks. Probably the rental company (was it Green Discovery?? I cannot remember) can tell you if they did it or not.
    Maybe Jimoi knows about that trip.

    I would be interested in the next leg to the north. Is there a way from Xieng Kok, along the Mekong to the chinese border?? Wy don´t you do the whole Mekong?? Even more interesting!
    I tried to do the Muang Sing to three countrycorner Burma/China/Laos, but failed....
  4. A guy I know did this in December last year - took 7.5 hours from Huayxai to Xiengkok. From Xiengkok it is possible to travel north (mostly walking trails but possible by motorbike) to Xiangkheng on the Myanmar border. From Xiengkheng there are only hiking trails to the north so you need to go to Muang Sing and then north. Going to the Myanmar/China/Laos border point is not possible as the road stops at Hua Khong (about 2 km. from the border point) but maybe you can walk from there to the borderpoint.
  5. Hi Javawa,

    that´s a really good answer! you seem to be good informed about that areal.
    the "walking trails" or "hiking trails" that you mention. maybe that is exactly the thing, some people on offroad bike are looking for.
    could it be possible to drive on those trails with a 250 offroadbike??
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