Who Is This?

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  1. A question for the old Library Service GT Rider customers

    Who is it?


    His 1st return to Chiang Mai after being away 15 years.
    He used to ride a Honda AX1 250 - all the way to the Malaysian border & back 15+ years ago.
    He ended up flying planes after he left Chiang Mai.

    Any takers / ideas? (We're talking about the guy on the right!)
  2. Is it Matt?
  3. Bob
    You hit the nail right on the head.

    Matt is in town for a few days. Still the same, hardly put on any weight (at least compared to me). Now working as # 2IC at the Bondi Surf Club in Sydney.

    Should you or any long term GT Riders want to make contact with "Jester" Matt Caine I will PM his contact info.
  4. Here is a picture of Alien (Julian), Matt and myself (Scotty) from 1991 I think, in Mae Hong Son, must have just arrived as there are no beers on the table!


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  5. Scotty007
    Now you got me - what is the establishment?
    Somewhere near the lake? :roll:
    Not the old Blue Jeans Pub, that was in the soi next to Piya guesthouse while they were filming Air America? How I miss that place - indeed they were golden days in Mae Hong Son & Mae Sarieng & Chiang Mai while they were making that movie! 8)

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  6. It was a bar just up from the Piya GH, on the same side of the road, don't think it lasted very long, maybe due to the 2 storey design!
  7. The flying milkman! Finally made your way back after all this time. Doing any Malaysian border runs on a 250 while you're there :p
  8. Hi Guys,

    It was a quick trip to CM this time. Just to check out what the place is like now and to visit a friend who has been out to visit me here in Sydney. Was expecting the city to have grown, more traffic etc but was still amazed at the difference and as David pointed out this is the off season, in a downturn!

    Went on to visit Luang Prabung. Like what they've done in the township but has a slightly surreal feel when you see what's further a field. Good not to see any obviously malnourished kids that I saw on my previous visits all those years ago.

    Then to see the Temples at Angkor, at last. Liked Cambodia a lot and believe I'll head back soon before they fix the roads and stuff it right up for dirt bikes.

    Haven't done much moto. Got heavily into mountain biking. (Have six bikes at this time. I've cut back.)

    Since arriving home, last Thursday, I've been looking at the moto ads and ... nuts. You all know the story.

    Just to clarify. I'm working as a Lifeguard at the Bondi Icebergs Pool where I am 2IC, after the Pool Manager. I live at Bondi Surf Club where I am the Resident Caretaker (second job, like everybody else these days). Quite nice views at both locations. Waterfront always suited me.

    Hope you're all well. Or at least as fat and fit as D.U. and drop me a line any time. I hope to be back somewhere around the end of the year for another holiday.


    PS That photo is definitely at the Bar they built for the crew filming "Air America" with Mel Gibson. They had very good bar snack food I remember, pity it's gone but I bet there are heaps more in Mae Hong Son now. Funny seeing that photo. That's the bloke who's supposed to be in the photo's of me but somehow this old bloke that David photographed, gets his mug in all the time... what's that about?
  9. Another old "Library Service" Customer, back in town for a visit...


    anyone know who it is?
  10. Met in Vientiane, Jan 2011


    an ex Chiang Mai resident of 20 yeas ago. He used ride a Baja in Cnx then.
    Anyone know who is it?

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