Who knows a good reliable Ducati mechanic in Bangkok for Monster maintenance

Discussion in 'Ducati Motorcycles in Thailand' started by Azoulay, May 16, 2013.

  1. Hi Friends,

    All is in the title, in fact I am looking for a "good reliable" Ducati mechanic in Bangkok for Monster maintenance and fixing, avoiding the official DUCATISTI Tonglor.

    I would need someone able to fix injection maps, timing belts and others, not only to change oil and filter...

    Few years ago I saw posts on that but could not find t anymore, and it's allways good to fresh up info.

    Thanks in advance foryour answer.

    Keep on the Power
  2. Khun Boyd, owner of Chicane Performance Moto would probably be your best bet.

    He's moved from the cramped shared space on Lad Phrao 64 Yaek 4 to his own much bigger shop-house on Lad Phrao 64 Yaek 10. It's on the left, pretty deep down the soi.

    Khun Boyd's mobile is still 089-204-4191

    Lots of eye candy last time I stopped by for new fork seals for the Gixxer-
  3. Hi Friends, Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the information, yes indeed this was the guy I was looking for.

    I'l try to get there next week, thanks again.

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