Who`s riding in the North, middle-end of january??


Dec 4, 2006
Hi, I`m Harald from Germany, I plan to make a few Tours in January and February, I arrive arround 15.jan. in Chiang Mai. I allready read Davids Book from the Golden Triangle....I think theres plenty of nice tours inside...looking forward to ride some of them.
Plan to make offroad and asphalt...., now I´m looking for bikers who stay in this area same time for some rides together.
If you are interested please contact me by e-mail( look at my profile), I will check them daily,arrive in Thailand at 12.Jan.I will buy a Thai-net mobilecard...I will write the number in this board as soon I know it, hope find some nice people for biking and lot`s of fun,
so long
Oct 15, 2006
Hi Harald,
Sorry, No bites yet. I've mentioned it to several riders coming through our restaurant. Maybe with luck, one of my brothers will show up here in time for you to go on some rides with.
I only have the Steed 400 Street bike right now, so I can't do much off-roading with it. I rode a Harley Shovelhead in Canada and also had a 49' Panhead for a project bike for a while, so I look forward to meeting you and talking about Harleys and riding and such.
Who knows, maybe I can talk someone up here in Chiang Dao, into lending me their dirtbike for a day or two and I can come with you myself, but no promises, as we are pretty busy with the restaurant/rooms and it is hard for me to get away right now, after just taking a week off riding with my wife.
We would have loved to have gone to Bike Week in UdonThani, but I think our customers would get cranky after a while, if they keep coming and we are not open. So that's life. Looks like we are stuck until April, except for our Wednesday shopping trips to Chiang Mai.
I'll keep asking around for a riding partner for you. I didn't forget you since you contacted me.