Who said you cant get dirty in Bangkok!

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  1. First - Thanks to Tonybkk. I only found out about this place by reading a trip report he made.

    Second - This is the first time I have put together a trip report so I hope its ok.

    Third - I'm terrible at taking photos.

    I have had my KLX under a week now. Sitting there looking at me, all clean and new with that look in his headlight... you know the one... it says abuse me!

    I wanted to wait until I had my new bars and hand guards before hitting any dirt but willpower isnt my strongest point. I'll just take it easy I thought to myslef...

    So off I went to Bo Din, a beautiful area 25 km from Bang Kapi, Bangkok.

    Decimal GPS: 13.886782,100.796598
    Lat 13° 53' 12.4152" Long 100° 47' 47.7528"

    Still looking clean but the road ends smile.png

    Not sure what this guy was doing
    The track runs around the lake, in the background are some jumps and climbs
    Behind the lakes, a huge area where you will find jumps, hills, steep climbs and more
    Hmmm.... Thinking I should swap these dual purpose tires to off road tires
    No longer thinking... I need to swap
    Made it up to the higher tracks
    Klx trying to blend in to its surroundings
    My favourite shot of the day
    Using mud to convert my tires into slicks
    Not sure where this went, about another 100 meters along it was so swampy I had to turn back
    Some of the jumps and climbs
    Local wildlife wondering what this strange foreigner is up to
    On the way out, notice the smile on his face now he is dirty
    The floating restaurants on the way in/out to stop for a cold one before heading home for a looooong shower

  2. Hi Satonic, welcome to the Gang !! Nice report and exploring you did and must admit you are already daring the challenge ! Hope you will find still more dirt tracks a short distance from Bkk, Kanchanburi should be one option and of course the "hinterlands" of Chantaburi and Sakaew, not to far away. Cheers, Franz
  3. Thanks for the welcome Franz,

    Yes I will be heading out at least once a week and will take photos to share of any new places I visit. Khao Kheow (sp?) Is also not too far away but I'm not sure of if its condition during the rain.

    Kanchanburi is defiantly on my list as I want to see the Erawan falls. Then hopefully in December I will ride the Thailand border. Still a lot of planning to do for that one!

  4. Nice report and very muddy..

    You will have to come for a ride with us some time to Baan Ricky or Khao Kheow.

    Mike, Frank and Myself go and play in the dirt some times.. TonyBKK is itching to join us one weekend.

    Takes about 1hr 20 mins to get to Khao Kheow from Central BKK..

    If you have not been to KK.. Here are a few posts on the forum and some video to wet your appetite.
    Great spot for a bit of fun and you can be home at a reasonable time.




    KK is OK in the rainy season.. very sandy.. if anything it is easier to ride in the rainy season as you have more traction.
    Some muddy bits and the landscape changes after every bit of rain.. Which is good and bad.
    New trails all the time but you can't repeat your favourite ones as they may be totally washed out in spots.

  5. Sounds great Brian, I would love to join on a trip to both Baan Ricky and Khao Kheow. I don't have any 'riding buddys' yet so would be great to meet some of you guys. I'm online most days so any time you have a trip planned let me know!

    I spent 4 hours stripping and cleaning the bike today, and after a relaxing lunch time beer I have decided I will head back and play in the mud again tomorrow :)
  6. I don't seem to be able to PM you.. Don't like putting my email address on the forum in case spammers get ahold of it.

    May be you can check with David about your PM status.. and I will email you.

    I wouldn't really play in KK by yourself.. I did once as Ted had to go back as his bike broke down.

    It may be close to Pattaya and Bangkok.. But there are some very technical bits and places where people don't come along very often.
    Not good if you get stuck or have an accident on the slippery rocks on the more technical bits..
    We always try and avoid the technical stuff when alone and the next thing you are right in the middle of it :-0

    I should have said before.. ground level is sandy.. but once you go up the hills.. very rocky and quite technical in parts.

  7. Hi Brian,

    I don't think I can send/receive PMs yet due to being a new member with a low post count, I shall try and find the forum rules to see.

    Advise noted about KK, thanks. I will probably just head back over to Bo Din again then, even if the mud stops me exploring as much as I'd like to its still nice to get out of the smog and have a beer by the lake. Its brilliant the world that the dual-sports open up. Can't wait to explore more!

    Once I am able to send/receive PMs I'll let you know.

  8. Seems as if my PMs now work.

  9. Great report! Bo Din is good fun! Been out of the country for a couple months and am missing the dirt. Hope to catch up with you for a ride soon! Cheers! Tony :happy2:
  10. Sounds good! I sent you a PM yesterday but I forgot to add my number. I'll do that now.

    I wonder how Bo Din & the Red Bull Park will be with the rain?


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