Who was it who was looking for a travel companion?

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  1. Can't find the post but one of you was looking for a travel companion. A Paul Racine, i think. I posted it on the back packers website. laugh. You may get a bite. laugh.[:D]
  2. The Backpackers Joint Bar, Bangkok


    Come and join us at the backpackers joint bar for a drinks to welcome in the New Year

    The best buckets of cocktails in town – a night out you won’t remember!

    Soi Rambuttri - that's the temple end of Koa Sarn Road, turn right and first left by the bank on the corner
    Our's is the first VW camper van bar on the right

    Starts Eight Until Late

    See you there if you dare!

    thebackpackersjoint - the website with the best NEW YEAR PARTY in town!
  3. Hardly know how to thank you enough for that, SuziQ.
  4. for the new year party announcement, the blog or the backpackers joint?
    Can I take a rain check on how you may thank me? I still don't know how to ride a bike...
  5. Very qute, Suzi.
  6. Aaaww, are you turning me down? [:p]
    no, seriously. Just once in my life I want to have ridden them dirt bikes. just once...
  7. here's the link http://jarle.eltelevest.no/Kawasaki/Ima ... 50dt04.jpg
    I responded to it, you got the name right
    travelling from pnom penh about18january tthrough sen monorem/banlung and on to laos.
    I'd like to join him but don't know that I can get all the gear(boots/pads/armour/lid) and bike sorted in time.
    Failing that, I'd be into spending 10 days or so from PP up to mondulkiri/ratanakiri back to PP,leaving 26 jan approx, or going to banlung and hiring a bike there.
    It would be nice to have some company.
  8. Probably, but not quite sure. What was the offer again?

    Easily done and definitely worth doing. Go for it.
  9. Alric,
    well, I mentioned it in another place and some of them have been checking this place out. Hope you find the company you're looking for.[:)]
  10. rass,
    If ever I come that way, will ask for the bike riding lesson,OK? That was the request.[:D]
  11. If you ever go kayaking down the Namsom River, I'm certain those 'Jump & Beer Lao' stops along the river banks must host some really wild parties. Backpacker heaven kinda thing... I saw them all ove: drinking, tubing and swinging out then jumping into the river.
  12. Road, sure. Dirt, no. I need lessons myself.
  13. Rass
    [B)] Happy Learning, then!

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