Will lights Make Me Safer?

Steve Merchant

Dec 11, 2009
In the last year I have been up and down the 107 from Tha Ton to Chiang Mai so many times I know almost every bump, pothole and dirt patch. Recently its been getting obvious that the increase in slow moving heavy trucks, often with trailers, is causing a lot of pick-up and truck drivers to lose patience and overtake when they cant see very far ahead.
Sadly if its just a motorbike coming in the opposite direction it equates to 'nothing coming'. Its not that they cant see me, they flash their light at me and warn me they are coming, oblivious to the fact that coming downhill on a wet road at 80kph its not so easy to just vacate the road. A few friends, concerned with my accounts of dodging oncoming cars, persuaded me to try adding a few strong spotlights to give these assailants second thoughts.
David Unk kindly donated a pair of yellow spots and left them with a friendly electrical workshop, Mr Kong in Chiang Rai and advised me to 'give him some time' the man not wanting to rush.
The bike, a Yamaha MT03, was left at his workshop awaiting his attention for 10 days, and only recently did I collect the bike and give it a test.
I was very unlucky to pick Oct 30th as collection day because its a day when the rainy season had a last (I hope) big laugh and threw down a torrential storm in Chiang Rai, Mae Chan and Tha Ton.
I can say with great assurance the wiring and switch passed its storm test as conditions were not much worse than submersion.
Sadly few idiots were out risking the conditions and once out of the city saw very little traffic.
Whether they will deter drivers from forcing me into the grass verge remains to be seen but the lights stood the water test, the brackets and switch are a smart, pretty job and the price at 800b very reasonable.



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