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  1. I have developed tinnitus in my hearing which is a high pitched whine in both ears that has been with me 24/7 for a month. I believe this may be a result of wind buffeting which can be very strong on a windy day at speed given my stock windshield for my Honda CB500X 2016. I previously ordered a tall windscreen before my hearing problem developed but it was fabricated from a flat piece of plastic that was molded to shape but the edges had no bead as a fully molded windscreen has and it was thinner. I restocked it as I felt it was dangerous in the event of an accident that would put the top windscreen cut edge at my throat level.

    I may order a Givi now that it is a little too late to prevent my hearing problem, but it is very expensive (4,500 baht+) and at my height of 6'1", its height will not likely remedy the wind buffeting though it may reduce it and keep me drier in the rain. There is also the possibility that higher will not decrease the wind buffeting but may in fact increase it, as I have read from other web posts.

    I also want to alert other riders to the possibility of hearing problems that may develop from windscreens, helmet fit etc. I am lucky, my hearing issue is balanced in both ears, volume and frequency and is steady state. I have read cases as I investigate my own, of riders having pulsing sound and from one side only. I cannot imagine that......

    I am in Chiang Mai. Can anyone recommend a windscreen with which they have firsthand experience and a source?
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    1. What sort of helmet do you wear - could that be an issue?
    Your helmet should be reasonably quiet, no?

    2. Have you thought about lowering your seat a tad.

    3. I use a Kappa windscreen on my Vstrom & love it, but not sure if they have one for the 500X.


    I'm amazed how good this small looking screen is in the rain.
    BTW Kappa & Givi are "the same", I think.
    I forget how they differ, just the branding, but both come from the same factory & are marketed by different companies

    I got mine from Jacket Boy in Bangkok.
    He does a lot of adventure accessories & Rides himself, so knows the differences between the various products.

    MRA Screen
    Givi - Kappa Screen (excellent IMHO)

    Here's some windscreen links
    Windshields for Honda CB500X | Accessories International

    Windshield Options - page 12 - Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance - Honda CB500X

    Honda CB500X / CB500F Windshields

    I hope this is a help.

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  3. David,
    Thank you so much for your detailed reply.
    My helmet was a freebie from Honda Bigwing when I bought my CB500X and is a Real, model Hornet full face. No not quiet. It is the first full face, jaw protected helmet I have had. I had to get used to being so "closed in"!! Previously, I had a CBR250R that I rode solo for 65,000km in Thailand and Cambodia and had cheap Combat helmets as they were the only ones that would fit my big head until I finally found an Index Vera. I never thought about the noise or had any problems with my hearing. It could be I ride a bit faster on my bigger bike now, but I am a tourer, not a racer.
    I like the idea of the adjustability of the two windscreens you have shown.
    I had my bike suspension lowered and handlebars raised at purchase. The seat cannot be lowered. The seat I find uncomfortable but not sure how to deal with that as I don't want it thicker=higher but it is a single element flexible seat.
  4. Try using ear defenders.
    I've used them for many years. Wind noise at high speed is very damaging to hearing, A friend of mine was part of a UK Home Office/Police trial in the '90s regarding motorcycles & hearing damage. Ear defenders are now a must.
  5. ,Thanks for your reply David. I googled ear defenders and was boggled by the variations. For example, at Shop - The Ear Defender
    I considered foam ear plugs but anything that impacts my ability to hear is a major safety issue by my thinking.

    Can you be more specific as to which ones you refer to and were the basis for the trial you mentioned?
  6. You'll still be able to hear - as in someone talking to you.
    I used to use the foam ones but now use E-A-R. I've no idea what they are made of but they do the job.
    Wind noise on a motorcycle can apparently be well over 90 db. As loud as or louder than a rock concert!
  7. David & David!
    Many thanks for your advice. I contacted Jacket Boy in Bangkok on his Facebook about windscreen and helmet which he has read but not yet replied to - likely tomorrow when he is back at work.

    I also picked up foam hearing protectors in anticipation of a possible motorbike trip doing the Maehongson loop again.
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  8. I have communicated with Jacketboy several times but it seems he cannot help with the windscreens in the photos. He has a second step shield for 2500b but no kit for attachment.

    So it looks like only have the Givi high shield which is different for the 2016 CB500X than for earlier years. Having read about these, is anyone familiar with Bruudt brackets for mounting windscreens. What advantages do they have, if the Givi attaches directly to the stock CB500X mounting points?

    I am in Mae Hong Son now on my bike trip. I have been using the ear defenders but honestly do not sense much difference. But as luck would have it, went to the hospital the last two days to see an EENT doctor (lucky find!) because of inflammation in my left ear!! Took the opportunity to have a audiogram done to see if tinnitus has worsened my hearing, but the result was about the same as two years ago. But the tinnitus is with me 24/7.......
  9. Paulhen,
    I have the same problem. Whistling in My Left Ear all the time. I just put up with it! I Hate Bikes with Screens. I have tried 3 different ones on My Triumph and None work The latest one I just put on is the Puig Touring Screen with the little adjustable spoiler on the top. Haven't had a chance to use it yet! From All reports that Airflow that David has are the best avalible and I know a few Guys have them. But they don't make one for My Bike. Some Helmets react differently also Helmet Buffeting, Wind Noise. Bloody Terrible! I always wear Ear Plugs which help. Good Luck.
  10. I am very surprised that you have noticed "not much difference"
    I very rarely go out without ear defenders & the odd time I have - the difference is considerable. I hope you can find a screen that helps!
  11. Thanks Ian and David,
    I guess I rather stupidly forgot to mention in my original post that I very rarely ride with the helmet faceshield down. Of course, I realize it makes the noise worse but I prefer the view with good sunglasses and the wind in my face. As it is, I shaved off my hair and beard 5 years ago because of the heat and dust, in Cambodia in particular as all main roads had been stripped bare. Whenever I hit main highways, which I avoid, I will put in my ear plugs.

    I will continue to look into Bruudt windscreen brackets which I have read are a great mounting for windscreens but no one has said why?? The tall Givi is customized to fit the standard 2016 CB500X mounting but has no adjustability so possibly this is why..... I will post back if I find my answers and a good result.

    Ian - sorry to know that only your one ear is affected. That would drive me bonkers - mine at least stays balanced. As it happens, two days ago I had a problem with an infected left ear so went to the Mae Hong Son hospital in the evening. I was lucky that there was an EENT Specialist on duty. She suggested I do an audiogram, hearing test, the next day so I did so. I had a baseline from the same test two years ago from Chiang Mai RAM, long before the tinnitus that hit me a few weeks ago. The test showed virtually no difference, my high frequency hearing is clipped off the same. You may want to do this test yourself as a baseline so you can compare in the future. But note, I tested the same BUT I believe hearing many of the test sounds was much more difficult because of the tinnitus noise drowning them out....
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  12. Ah!
    Therein lies the problem!
    Riding with visor down makes a BIG difference!
  13. Yes, I know you are right. But sadly, riding in a car achieves the same thing. Visor down, while the smart and practical thing to do..... well, if we were all smart and practical, how many of us would ride in the GTR to begin with!!! LOL.
    But when I am on faster roads, I will now not only have my ear plugs in but visor down.
  14. I bought the Givi tall windscreen. It may have helped some with the buffeting but is not tall enough given my 6'1" height. But it sure helps keep me dry in the rain, but more importantly, keeps the filthy road spray from hitting me all the time. Significant unexpected downside for me, despite all my research, is with respect to visibility. I ride a lot of tough roads, potholed and swaled to an amazing degree. The top of the Givi windscreen cuts across my line of sight right where my focus is on the road ahead. Sighting potholes or rough road is more difficult and then once I do, my view through the windscreen is badly distorted (especially when wet) making weaving around the bad parts much more difficult. This alone makes me wish I had not made the investment!!

    As to ear plugs, I tossed the cylindrical foam ones in favor of the silicone, three tapered bulb style which are much better.

    My tinnitus remains and is unchanged since its outset. It is with me, both ears, 24/7. Not pleasant but a minor inconvenience compared to what so many at my age put up with.

    Finally got enough miles on my CB500X to changeout the stock tires to Pirelli Scorpion Trails and upsized the rear tire to a 170. Pleased with the better road holding power.
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  15. Many thanks for the feed back. It is much appreciated.

    Would it help modifying your seat a tad to help clear your line of sight over the screen.
    Or alternatively, just tilt the screen forward a bit with some spacers?
  16. Greetings all,

    To update, my tinnitus is unchanged and remains a significant irritant. I have been using ear plugs when on major highways and lowering my faceshield then as well.

    I encountered this and post it in case it is of interest to others about tinnitus:
    Experimental treatment could help reduce constant ringing of tinnitus

    Safe riding out there!!
    Happy New Year all
  17. Thank you Alamo!

    I will borrow a pair of headphones and try this out.

    All the best to all for 2018

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