With rental bike from CM to Laos?

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  1. My friend and I intend to travel through Laos in January and would like to rent two 250cc dirtbikes in Chiang Mai. If I remember right, there should be two bike rental shops in CM, which allow to cross the border. Can somebody tell me these shops please?
    I asked at Mr. Mechanic (which I thought is one of them), but there it's not possible. Any more ideas?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Have you tried Pop's? I was once told that they allow it.
  3. Thanks, I think Pop was the other shop. Unfortunately his homepage isn't working;-(

  4. We took two Mr Pops KLX 250s to laos last year, it was no problem for him at that time and we got out of thailand at chiang khong no problem without the green book ( only took photo copies).
  5. Hi,

    the thing is, if we rent bikes in Thailand, we can back everytime we want. If we rent in Laos, we should organize our flight back to Thailand before.
    And I've been in Laos two times, I know it can be boring in the evenings there....

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