Wonder if they will ease border crosing requirements?

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  1. Plans outlined for Asean tourism boost
    By Suchat Sritama
    The Nation
    Published on May 8, 2009

    "The ministry will propose the road map at the Asean Summit, which is currently earmarked to be held in Phuket on June 13-14," Sasithara said.
  2. Ray
    Yeah I don't doubt that they will attempt to make it easier for 4W vehicles to cross the borders, but not facilitate motorbikes.
  3. Thats funny isn't it we actually traven more as a group of people then most
  4. Ray,
    When your group wants to come to Laos, I'll be happy to get the permits for the bike group at cost for you all. You need at least 5 bikes but I can get this done relatively quickly (for Laos).

  5. Thanks I appreciate that d finding five guys with books on their bikes will be the problem.
  6. About a year ago I read that cambo,thai,lao and viet, reached an agreement that they would have 1 single visa for foreigners to travel between the countries. After I read it was approved, I never heard any thing about it again. Any one else have info on this?
  7. Ray - you can add me to your short list as a possible candidate. Between work and family of course. :D

    Had the pleasure of meeting Jimoi on Friendship Bridge road in Nong Khai a couple of weeks ago. :)

  8. If such a trip is between 24th June and 14th july, and a hire bike would be allowed please consider me in the team too
  9. Anybody know about getting a rental bike over th border?
  10. I would say a rental bike on the north side of the river would just so happen to be right up Jimoi's alley. :D I'll be back in LOS the week of the Queens birthday. :wink:
  11. More than happy to do that but if I understood Jims post, he needs a minimum of five bikes to cross the border. I read somewhere that Mr Mechanic has plated and insured bikes which he allows across the border.

    Either way, I would be a starter, depending on detals (timing, duration etc)
  12. Your right it was five, let things ride for a bit and maybe it will happen.

    I'll br dragging my 400 over waht are guys going to ride?
  13. Why I think i would take my trusty "old" KLX. :)
  14. Hi Friends,

    I'll keep an eye on watching this post as I'll receive my brand new GSAd round these dates and one of my best friends from France will join me for riding with my Suzuki DRZ.

    We'll be around at these dates (20th June~20 July) with the obligation to be in Bangkok on the 14th of July (French Ambassy Official Ceremony for the Fête Nationale du 14 juillet)...

    Please Ray, clearly post your intention as soon you'll will have an idea of what you intend to do.

    May I ask you as well what kind of papers you'll advice to have if such ride happens ?
  15. I don't know might enlighten us on that, he said five bikes I wasmore curious about if thuings would ease at the border. But sounds like a great ride idea.

    Jim sounds like it might be possible to get five bikes together, what would you need from us?
  16. Why not just cross the border from Bun Kan to Pakxan & you're in - no group permits needed like you need using the Friendship Bridges into Laos. Simple & easy.
  17. Definitely an option David. I do like the easy button though! :shock: since I live 12km from Friendship Bridge and Ray is just about 40km beyond me. :lol: I just hope that I can make this one!

  18. Well I reckon it's a no brainer. If you can't get across the bridge into Laos, just ride 140 kms down to Bun Kan, do the paperwork, get on the ferry & cross into Laos at Pakxan. AND ride out across the bridge - weird isn't it?
    There are a couple of reports on the forum about using Bun Kan / Pakxan if you want to look.

    BUT, you do need a Laos visa in advance, there is no visa on arrival at Pakxan (yet.) However if you already live in / around Nong Khai or Udon, the Lao consulate is just down the road in Khon Kaen & that's a local ride.
  19. That doesn't sound to bad, do yuo have to do anything in advance on the bike? Sorry guys I'm not doing any long rides till the season starts again to darn hot, cool vest or no cool vest, :lol:

    Till then we are going to have hot or rain, I'll take the rain. :wink:
  20. Hot? It was only 48C in the shade today as I was crawling over an uplift here in the desert. :shock: Came across a couple of local boys set up in an exposed observation post, not in the shade. They were having a good ol' time considering! Even refused my offer of cold water out of the fridge. I'll take the heat over the rain anytime, I've had hypothermia before and it is not fun.

    Still, its got to be better than riding here! :D I'll be a watching as this develops!


  21. Kuwait wasn't much different temp wise. Lots of fluids my man. Sitting out a 15 minuete rain storm just aint that tough cloud cover and it's cool. But you won't freeze :lol:
  22. Well they say they are going to play nice :lol:
  23. Thats intersting is the waht thye mean that Malayasi is easier to get along with, they just simply try harder to do things right :lol:

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