Discussion in 'Technical' started by shanes, May 15, 2008.

  1. well it was time i had one built too many bikes and not enough room

    they say it will be finished at the end of the month but , i live by the rule remember where you woke up this morning so i am not holding my breath :roll: :roll:



    ill be heading down to and picking up a few things to fill it up

  2. 2493736544_4082c5a17a_m.
    Shanes, I too am currently building a workshop, with a couple of rooms above

    I have just bought an electric hoist from, perhaps get a bike ramp later
  3. Nice Kit Shanes :D , Give us another Photo when finished. Next Trip to Pattaya i would like to catch up and Take a look. I want to Build a Workshop for Myself one Day as i get Sick of Hunting for the Tools I want after the Staff have Strewn them around our X-Centre workshop :roll: Good Luck.
  4. Ian,

    I use the "company" workshop I just bought a 4500 baht lockable two door steel cupboard for MY tools. :wink:
    Otherwise every tool I / we own finds its way into the installers truck
  5. Ian I reently got a book on setting up a workshop. Bought from Whitehorsepress, the USA mail order mob..

    has some interesting ideas, will show you next time i see you

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