Wow! How time flies. MotoGp 94 Raymond Tan

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  1. Some of you older long term guys might be able to remember the original GT Rider (Chiang Mai Motorcycle Touring Club) rides to the Malaysian GPs in 94 & 95.
    Here's a couple of happy family snaps from the 94 Ride, with ELF Oil Sponsorship...

    Above: The start in Cnx. Farang & Thai riders!

    Above: The Happy guys & gals at the track in KL.

    Above: With the Thai ELF OIL team.

    Our fabulous host in KL then was Raymond Tan, ELF Oil rep & ex Malaysian M-X & Jet Ski Champion.
    Well after a mere 13 years, the Snail & I have met up with Raymond in Cnx again.
    Raymond’s still a fabulous guy & still heavily involved with motorcycle & jet ski racing in Malaysia S E Asia.
    He was in Chiang Mai with his mate Ron, from Petronas another ex Malaysian & Thailand King Cup jet ski champion.
    For those guys from the 94 & 95 GP rides, here’s a happy snap from the Riverside in Cnx in Feb 2008...

    Above: Feb 2008 Raymond Tan, flanked by the Snail & the GT Rider.

    Above: Feb 2008. GT Riders with Raymond & Ron.

    Should bring back a few memories for some guys.
  2. David You and The Snail looked Great with Hair in those days :wink: You are Dead Right "How Time Flies"

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