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Oct 26, 2009

I wonder if I could have some assistance/advise. I ordered a WR450F approx 6 months ago. The fella who ordered it indicated that it would be in-country within 6 weeks!!! Its been a long drawn out process but Ive persevered as its a great bike and really looking forward to riding it. Now the guy has a smallish deposit on the bike from me which I could let go, biting my lip if need be if the situation goes sour. The latest update is that the bike is in Thailand and with customs and he predicts the bike will be released and delivered to me in February. Now I wouldn't trust this guy as far as I could throw him and definitely wont be holding my breath in anticipation of its arrival.
So my concerns are; receiving the bike with all the required documents ie tax/import paperwork. Im not really sure what to look for on the paperwork and was wondering if anyone else has had experiences and knows exactly what to look for. The correct documents are obviously necessary for when I want to register the bike in Thailand. Would I be correct in saying that registration is not required if the bike is only used for off-road use?
Also the fella is telling me the bike is the 2011 model. I have compared it to a 2011 model from google and it looks pretty much the same but im not certain. Can I have some feedback from the below photo, which is the bike in question?
Many thanks for the assistance

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May 6, 2009
I have a 2008 WR450 for sale and I want to buy a new 2011 model. The bike in the photo looks exactly like my 2008 model.
Could you tell me the price you are paying and if you are getting a green book?

Please email me to [email protected] or PM me if you need to keep the price confidential.

Brian Marshall