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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Hoghead, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

    Sudco USA the big Mikuni distributor tells me today that the rubbers in my 6 year old carb are not E-10 compatible. See my other post in Gasohol section

    As well as new rubbers I need to order jets to make the switch to gasohol. All I get so far are the 2 most used words in Thai retailing - mai mee.
    Is there anywhere in Thailand that stocks Mikuni jets. My carb is a HSR 45 which will complicate the situation.

    If not I will be placing an order with Sudco USA so if anyone wants in on it let me know
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  3. thaicbr

    thaicbr Ol'Timer

    Hi Hogshead. After contacting Mikuni Thailand and getting the same response. I ordered from Singapore BUT it would have been easier getting it from the US.

    Interesting that you have to change out the jets to run on E10. I may contact them and find out whats needed for my bike a Suzuki VX800.
    So i may be in on ordering.
  4. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

    The Sudco Dealer in Singapore does not seem to have much stock at all, and is cheaper and faster to order from Sudco USA.

    E-10 will require about 10% more fuel so you will need to increase the size of all 3 jets and needle by that amount. I suggest buying a selection to bracket the 10% upsize as it is trial and error to get it spot on.
  5. chiangmairich

    chiangmairich Ol'Timer

    Hi Hoghead,

    I would like to order some jets/compatible carb seals for my Mikuni HSR41 as well.If you are going to send an order to Sudco please contact me on 0814151069 before you do and we can do an order combined.

    I see the Shell on Haew Gaew Rd is back selling 95 Benzine again.The pump is the first one on the right at the entry and it also has the E95 on the same pump (correctly marked in yellow).This is the only place I have seen it still being available.A lot of Shell Stations appear to have V-Power but it is actually ethanol blend with a slightly different sign and still called V-Power.

  6. alrikki

    alrikki Ol'Timer

    I could do with a couple of jets from sudco also
  7. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

    Sudco is out of HSR rebuild kits so you will need to order the individual rubber bits

    PM me with the PN you both need and I will combine it into one order
  8. chiangmairich

    chiangmairich Ol'Timer

    I can order when I establish the year and ethonal compatilibility of what I have now with regard to the seal components.

    Without pulling the carb apart to see what jets its running and I dont have a parts book thanks all the same for your help Robert.
  9. alrikki

    alrikki Ol'Timer

    sudco have a very comprehensive online catalog
    I'll let you know what I want in the next 2 days, if thats ok.
  10. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer


    Look at the Sudco catalogue and you can see what the HSR came with stock. If it was OK on 95 petrol, move up 2 sizes of jets - all the jets and needle and not just the main jet. This should be about 10% more.

    I am going to buy 10-20% richer just to be sure I have it right and one size smaller pump nozzle as the stock 70 seems a bit rich
  11. alrikki

    alrikki Ol'Timer

    hoghead- sent you a PM
  12. chiangmairich

    chiangmairich Ol'Timer

    Hoghead I have sent an email to your yahoo.
  13. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

    I have it all together now on a spreadsheet and ready to order - anyone else before I do so?

    They have a useless agent and expensive in Singapore so I will order in the USA and ship to my box for forwarding via post. Costs will be shared by all participants and hopefully will arrive at my door duty free as usual. If not we will get charged on 50% of the value.
  14. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer


    Your jets are ordered and on the way

    Please email me so that we can settle the bill
  15. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

    Alrikki - once again

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