WTB suzuki drz 400

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  1. Hi there im looking to buy a suzuki drz 400 sm with a green book.preferably in top condition and in chiangmai but anything considered.can be contacted at [email protected] .cheers Greg
  2. Crowster you may want to check with Khun Nat at Piston Shop.. a few months ago he had one for sale.. blue color and looked in good condition
  3. Thanks for the tip monty.Unfortunately its sold so will keep looking.cheers Greg
  4. Yeah sorry Crowster I was in Piston shop a few days after I posted and he told me he sold it. Good luck with the search.
  5. hi have drz 400 sm 2007 12000km legal green book blue for sale 8061594460
  6. pictures, price ??
  7. still looking.anything out there.pattaya nung above doesnt speak much english so hard to get much out of him
  8. Ask Khun Vikrom at Red Baron if he knows of any in the pipeline- his shop moves a lot of DRZ400s
  9. ok cheers tony.I emailed them with no reply so ill give them a ring.thanks Greg
  10. Yeah, like most Thai companies, they aren't so hot on email... ;)
  11. My nephew in UK Harold has one they are great bikes , only weakness is the rear tail lights which vibrate off or crack ,,, better rubber mountings solve that ....the only supermoto that is better is KTM 690 but only in terms of power .

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