X-ring on chain damaged - replacement in the South

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Franconian, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hi folks,

    I am currently in Songkhla and just noticed a damaged x-ring on my DID 520VM chain. It was only used for about 7tkm.
    I even use a Scottoiler, but currently on engine oil 20W50, maybe this caused the damage???

    Can I just replace the link with a clip master link? I have 1 spare, but do the bike shops have a big chain breaker tool?

    Otherwise where can I get a new quality chain in the South?

  2. Frank, u can go to Hatyai town, Sri Big Bike Shop and look for khun Lersak. ..he doesnt speak english but he is a very competent mechanic and honest too.

    he is located at Thanon Sripovanart, opposite the Esso station (enroute to Diana Shoping centre/ Sadao from railway station). His contact is 016980318. His shop is a big modern double storey building.

    If u seriously have problem with language, go a few shops away and look for Ming, in Sri Racing biike accessories shop. he speaks good english and is more than happy to help u. Tell him, i gave u his contact.

    ll the best.

  3. Thanks for that Joko, will go there on Monday.

  4. I went there today, but unfortunately they do not have a chain breaker tool. So I am still looking. I am heading north via Krabi and Phuket.
    Are there any good big bike shops in Phuket area?
  5. Route 402 heading towards Patong Beach...this stretch is straight carriage way with many new buidlings. There are at least 2 big bike shops just BEFORE the Yaowarat Rd, tesco Lotus junction ( where you Turn right to Patong). You cant miss them cos they have big sign board.

    Else, its at Nicky's handlebar, Thanon Rathuthit Songroipi, the main srvice road running paralel to the beach fronting road. theya re pretty famous enuff being Harley's service centre for yrs...else, a few shops away is also another big bike shop...
    Good luck.

    BTW, along the main road (krabi to phanghga) just before the left turn to Krabi town is also a Big Bike shop. the owner if I am not mistaken is the Prez of Krabi Big Bikers.
  6. Clip link is OK I have them on My Monster 750 , although on the Monster S4 I have rivet link but i carry a clipo linl as well in my roadside repair kit.
  7. The chain is completely f***** now. I tried to get a new one since Phuket, but no shop has a 520 o ring chain on stock. All have to order from Bangkok.
    I am in Hua Hin now. Where can I go to Bangkok to be sure to get a chain?

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