Yamaha Dragstar 400cc manual (year 2006)

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  1. Anyone how can tell me where I can download a manual for my bike?
  2. Thank`s alot Marco, I did search the Google myself, but I didn`t find it.
    I will search some more, have to be out there somewhere? :wink:
  3. Actually you can use the Dragstar 650 manual, it is almost same bike. You can actually convert the Dragstar 400 to 650 pretty easy.

    Just a tip, the bike has also been sold as Yamaha Vstar 400 / 650 in some countries.

    NorThai you around Khon Kaen I assume... I might be up a trip when I get home to say hello to John Gooding and Marco with his huge tank of a bike and do a ride. Have to let John test my Yammie, and have a fun time up in Isaan again. You should join for a ride and some nice scenery... What do you say Marco up for a tour to Chiang Mai maybe from Khon Kaen, meet up with NorThai, pick up you and go up and meet up with the fellers in Chiang Mai?
    Tony will probably join, and maybe get Neng and Peter Dougal with me???

    Cheers Bard
  4. Bard

    im heading to CM on 22nd until 25th, then back home for re-fill and then heading to annual North ride around nov for few weeks
    other than that has not yet been planned.

    my home btw is ab 2h 30min away from KK,,on HW 23 39km from Ubon towards to Yasothon
  5. Well, your not worry about me slowing you all down :D ? I supose your all driving superfast bikes, and I`m driving a slow 400cc cruiser and not so much experience driving bike :oops:
    Hell, If you using 8 ours from KK to CM, I proberly use 12 :oops:
  6. No matey,, im not cruising more than 100-120 with occasionally when over taking 130kmh so not fast

    no need to worry about slowing us down,, Mrs.Dougal Sr. is riding slow,, because his Spee keep on itching his Ar$e while he is riding

    and while we are riding we are stopping quite frequently for Coffee(For me) and Ciggarette(to mrs.Dougal.Sr.)
  7. Let's try to get a trip together.

    I am offshore working like a slave until ??? Still not sure...

    6/7 Nov Bang Saen Bike Week

    Big hole here, up for rides... Have to ride here...

    TV Charity Ride 21/22 Nov.
    Cambodia ride 23rd - when I have to go home prob 10 days or so...

    Up for rides until I am forced back to work, prob Feb/Mar

    No point in riding fast in a group, with lot of scenery. Marco need coffe, Mrs Dougal need smokes, I need both plus take some pictures at scenic locations. We go as fast as the slowest rider, 100 - 120 is normal maybe 130 for takeover or something.

    I'll bring my Yammie so she won't get to jealous on the Honda.

    Cheers Bard
  8. Hmmm, sounds great :D Care to explain to me how? Expensive? Do it my self, or do you give me a hand? :lol:
  9. Someone who can help me out here? Can it be done in Khon Kaen?

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