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  1. While at Yamaha's main office on Saturday 17th January to pay the deposit on my new Yamaha 2009 FZ6 I was invited to join in the ride to the Yamaha show at Seacon Square at 3pm. Most of the Yamaha Riders Club were in attendance and the line up of bikes was very impressive.


    Leaving Yamaha headquarters:

    MY NEW BABY (amongst others)


    Earlier in the day I had sold my T- Rex but the new owner gave me the courtesy of a final ride and so i couldnt resist but to join in the fun and ride to Seacon Square with the Yamaha Riders Club.

    I tell you, some of these guys can ride. The R1's spent most of the time on their back wheels all the way there! Awesome to watch as they got on the gas and weeved through traffic leaving everyone else in their dust.

    So anyway we arrived at the event and was led through the crowd to our very own VIP Yamaha members parking area in the middle of the event. If I knew this i would of atleast washed my bike and put on a nice shirt. I didnt know it was going to be this big of an event. I entered giving people a taste of the sound of exhaust and when parked people flocked to have their photos taken with my bike... what a nice feeling.

    Yamaha Riders Club had their own partitioned off VIP area with beautiful ladies serving us food and drinks all afternoon and into the night. As the sun came down out came the boxes of Penfolds wine and beer all on house!

    It was an impressive evening as some of my favourite Thai bands played including BODYSLAM, CRAZY CLASH and DA ENDORPHINE. I was lucky enough to sneek around the security guards and get in a photo of me with Bank from Clash..awesome!

    I must apologise for the lack of bike photos, i got carried away with the Yamaha girls. Which one is your favourite?




    These girls were awesome... even when walking away I couldnt help but take some snap shots!!



    This is by far my favourite... Khun Fon. She may look familiar to some of you, YES she also does shoots for FHM




    Some big pics to break the monotony. There are some pics here of Valentino Rossi's MotoGP bike also.







    There was a HUGE turnout of FINO's also. Nobody was paying them much attention though...

    Allan you would of been in heaven. A lifetimes supply of FINO's to crash at the track.


    The official opening of the Yamaha 2009 show was done by the Thai band CLASH !! Awesome Thai band and definately one of my favourites !!!



    As the night drew on and the wine kicked in we had a buch of laughs while listening to the awesome lineup of music on show.


    A big hats off to Yamaha Riders Club for an awesome afternoon. It came as a surprise the whole thing and was a nice way to spend an evening. The new owner thought i was going to be back with my bike by around 7pm but as i realised there was a party to be happening i retu rned a little later than expected but it was well worth it
  2. It wouldnt let me add the other photos so here they are:















    I have had some people PM me and ask me if there were any bikes at the show. If there were i didnt see them! blink.gif
  3. Trent
    Yamaha Riders Club are renowned for their fine shows & events - bikes / food / drinks / women. They really know how to look after their customers & business, & have set a high benchmark for the other big bike dealers to catch. So three cheers for Yamaha.
    I am sure you will be happy with your new bike, serrvice & future Yamaha events in Thailand.
    Honda should be here next month with their big bikes, so let the fun begin.
  4. Yes i have heard their service was good and i have experienced some first hand now. I am well pleased!
  5. Mate, I can't wait to get our new FZ6's great summary of the day you had, just bad I wasn't with you... Luckily you got the phone number for my favorite... Good one, hey Tony is coming down this weekend to do a Bira run, jump on and let's have some serious fun Trent... We'll do the manly Soi Trent at the end, Simon is all game as well.

    Cheers Bard
  6. Mate im still recovering from last weekends secret soi's adventures with you and the boys. I am riding the honda wave on account of my bike being sold. Wonder what my lap times would be like on that OR would i do an Allan and crash and burn on the warm up lap?
  7. Trent

    No one catch you with your pants down this time? :wink:

    You made good desission, stay with the brand and got upgrade, happy 4YA.
    Do you know if Yam has this new "automatic" clutch version(AS) in Thailand? from FJR 1300.
  8. No pants down at this event, i was very well behaved

    Im sure about the FJR Marco, maybe try calling Khun Man at Yamaha to ind out.
  9. Haha yeah right Trent,

    Can imagine due to Tony and his camera was not there you were not caught with your pants down this time ;)

    Dude I'm so ready for the new bike I can't even sleep at night.

    Ohh yes have fun down under and do some Aussie Kisses

    Cheers Bard
  10. Hey Trent some very lovely ladies - impressive - please just photo the saddle bags showing attatchment devices when you can. Ken F
  11. Ken,

    sorry mate i totally forgot until now. i went away on the weekend to Myanmar and have been preparing for my trip to Australia which is tomorrow.

    i will write it on my forehead "take some photos of my bags for Ken"

    im sure somebody will see it on my forehead and remind me!

    ill leave the bags with a mate of mine and if needs be he can send them to you if you decide to buy

    sorry again for the delays

  12. Hi Friends,

    Looking at your posts, should I forget BMWs, DUCATIs, BUELLS and others....Hummm you convincing arguments, and I think I will reconsider my preferences....
  13. Yes, I agree I was hoping for a BMW myself but they are extremely expensive in Thailand so I settled for an all-round bike Yamaha FZ6, which is called one of the four top middleweight bikes. It has plenty of power (98 HP) has fairing you can slap on a tour screen easily, you can run it on anything Thai gas stations got and it's very comfertable, can even use it for racing if that is something you like as well note they race in US so it's MPH not KM. There is brilliant Givi to and side pannier kit for it as well, so there you go all in one suits me perfect for a price which is not feeling as a total rape.

    Cheers Bard

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