Yamaha Tenere 660 service, preferably in Chiang Mai.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Dodraugen, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. Hello folks

    Overlander from Europe to SE-Asia, currently in the middle of China here. Plan to arrive in Thailand/Chiang Mai around 15-20 next month if everything gies reasonably well.

    My bike - a Yamaha XT660Z Tenere 2011 will need a decent service with valve check and all the other stuff that supposed to be done at big services - when arriving Thailand. Has anybody any suggestions to where I should ask to have this service done? I know this bike is not sold or probably very common in Thailand, but still there got to be some place that can help me.....

    I have the gasket to the top plate where to inspect valves and I also have spare oil filter that fits and spark plugs etc etc. So I dont think I need any spares except from engine oil, brake fluid etc.

    Can anyone recommend any garage or mechanic that can do this job and I would buy you a beer or two....:D

    Thanks in advance!

    Norway - Thailand 2014 on a motorbike and beyond....
  2. Try Piston Shop (listed in the list of shops) -- they work on a lot of different bikes and should be able to do that for you. The owner speaks English and is very knowledgable.
  3. Thanks very much both Davidfl and Markinthailand....
  4. Arrived in Chiang Mai safely. 3 months on the road from Norway to here went smooth.

    Contacted the Yamaha Big Bike shop at Huay Kaew rd but they wouldnt even consider the job. Well - fair enough.
    Then contacted the Piston shop that said yeas we will do it.....:thumbup: So next week the Ten will be served there.

    Thanks again for helpful advices folks!

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