yamaha TTR 250

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  1. Raid model, 16liter metal gasoline tank. Tires ok, recently serviced.
    Available in Hat Yai, Songkla. I can send everywhere in Thailand by ThaiMail for about 4000baht.

    Pictures by mail

  2. How long have you owned it?
    What year is it?
    Approximate mileage?
    Any repairs, accidents, extras?
    Could you send me some pics?
    I assume it doesn't have a green book?
  3. 1992, I bought it 6 months ago for a Laos trip. Had about 40000km when I bought it. No accidents. Recently rebuild engine (head and valves), and change intake manifold (I'm actually waiting the spare part from Japan).
    No green book.
    If you want pictures please give me your email, but you can see it in Bahtsold.

    Bye, Andrea

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