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  1. Hi, I can buy a Yamaha Vmax 1991. Any comments ?

  2. Hans,
    I rode a VMax all over Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore for the nearly 4 years I lived there. It is a fine bike and will cause you no problems. EXCEPT - parts are a bear to come by. It took me nearly 3 weeks to get brake slave cylinder rubber in Chiang Rai last Summer. There is some availability in Singapore but you really need to get the bike there to get it worked on. I can heartily reccoment Alan at Perfection Motorcycles in Singapore - 6744-4933.

    The bike shops - including the dealers - have mostly never seen a bike that large. I got my oil changed in Lampang 2 years ago and everyone in sight wanted to see the bike and it took them nearly 20 minutes to figure out how to get the oil out and in. Joe is a good place to get it worked on in Chiang Mai as he sees to at least 2 other VMax's in and around Chiang Mai, but again parts are a problem.

    The biggest drawback to a VMax is also its biggest strength. It is heavy and durable being nearly impossible to break (especially the engine - although I did manage to do it). However this means it corners poorly (others would say like a pig but then I was outrunning them so they might be prejudiced). Other than that and that it has a horridly small fuel capacity it is a great bike for anything except off road.
  4. Dear Chadwick,

    do you have any friends in malaysia selling vmax?


  5. V-max's There are several for sale in Pattaya. Various conditions. John

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