YAMAHA XJR1200 '95 for sale

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  1. YAMAHA XJR1200 Year 1995 for sale
    Net price 100,000.00 Baht
    Invoice papers
    New brakes
    Use 1 key
    Run great! :) :) :)
    Location : Khon Kaen, Thailand
    Call BAT 081-700-8069
    The bike is just great to ride out for trip or just to hang out at night. Frame and engine of XJR1200 is somewhat XL size. You know people will turn their face to look at this bike because of its muscle big bike. I love its sound modified with replaced exhoust pipe which is not too loud but still loud enough to scare others on the road. You love her because she is very sensual and responsive to your needs for speed if you donot mind she drinks a bit more than usual bike due to the oversize cyclinders.
    Call for any information. I am regret to sell it coz' now in the need some cash. Thx for looking.
  2. Here is pix IMG_5829.jpg
  3. That tank is Gangsta!
  4. Side view!14022010_008.jpg
  5. New front brake pads!14022010_010.jpg
  6. BR
    Thats nice paint job man,, where you got that done???
  7. Hi, the paint was done in Japan. Very unique and like no others.14022010_007.jpg
  8. UP for sale again.
    This price include Excise Tax already.

    Great sport naked bike for this winter time. :)

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