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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Barry Neves, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. I have just read on an Australian govt website that Yamaha deems all its model range as unsuitable for E-10 due to driveability issues. I was wondering what modifications, if any, the yamaha dealership in Chiangmai is making to adapt the new big bikes supplied to this fuel. Have any of you guys who bought bikes from them any info on this issue. Having had an FJR previously I would love to buy a legit import but this fuel issue is somewhat worrying!
  2. Hi Barry, just got a brandnew FJR at Charoenmotors in Chiang Mai and I have in front of me the original Owner's Manual, it states as follows (shortened):
    "Your Yamaha engine has been designed to use regular unleaded gasoline with a research octane number of 91 or higher. Gasohol: there are two types of Gasohol: Gasohol containing Ethanol and that containing Methanol. Gasohol containing Ethanol can be used if the Ethanol content does not exceed 10%. Gasohol containing Methanol is not recommended by Yamaha because it can cause damage to the fuel system or vehicle performance problems."
    So very simple, you can run an FJR both on 91-regular, 91-gasohol E10, 95-regular and 95-gasohol E10 as to my knowledge in Thailand they (PTT & Co) use Ethanol. Regards, Franz
  3. Hi Barry,
    As another purchaser of an FJR from Chiang Mai, I can confirm that my bike has run on either 91 or 95 gasohol, since new, (now 2100km), I have never had any sign of starting or running problems. Maybe because these bikes are destined for the California market, they are tuned differently, but I think Yamaha are setting up for gasohol on all new bikes. I say this because 3 weeks ago, I also bought the new Yamaha Nuovo Elegance in Khon Kaen and that also says gasohol E10 OK in the book, but in Thai, and a green sticker on the petrol cap that says 91 E10

    My Toyota Fortuner aslo says 91 E10 OK, and thats what I use in it.
    So do go ahead and order the FJR, its a great bike. If Chiang Mai are out of stock, there is one in the Korat shop available.
  4. Many thanks for the information guys! Very reassuring to know that the bike will run ok on E-10. I agree that the FJR is a great bike - I had an 02 model from Red Baron previously and loved it. I shall wait for the 08 model to arrive in Thailand as the raven black paintjob looks just the job! :D
  5. The 08 model in black is the one that Yamaha have brought in, arrived mid February. 3 sold already from Chiang Mai
  6. I've been running my 2008 Nuovo Elegance on E91 without probs as it has a sticker on the petrol cap recommending that. However, I have noticed that if left unused for a week or more, it's a bitch to start. I mentioned this to a friend and commented that I thought that maybe the auto-choke was not working. He asked me if I used gasohol and I said yes. He then "informed" me that the gasohol is the cause of my poor starting.

    Anyone with more knowledge than me back that up? It seems strange that Yamaha would recommend a fuel which causes starting probs. I'll get the choke checked out at the next service.


  7. Hi Pikey,
    I have the same model Nouvo as you, also a Honda Wave 2 years old.
    The shop told us that most models can have starting problems with Gasohol, but run fine once going. That has been our experience too.
    Nouvo is the worst of the starters of all my bikes, which are all running on Gasohol.
    FJR, never any starting problems.
    Honda 250 AX, use choke, easy to start.
    Wave, minor starting problem, ie a couple of prods of the starter.
    Nouvo, sometimes several attempts. Have to leave the throttle closed, or will not start. No running probs with any of the bike.
    Some of our Khon Kaen garages have replaced the 91 tamada, (normal), with the new E20 20% alcohol fuel, so I guess 91 will slowly dissapear.
  8. Hi John,

    Missed checking this thread for a few days so a belated thanks for the info about the starting - guess it's not the auto choke then ;) I find the same, the bike runs fine when started but can be a bugger initially. My Bonnie runs fine too but needs a whiff of choke to start it.

    I hope I don't have the same prob with my XR440 or my Norton if 91 disappears as both are kick only - by the time I've got either started I'll be too knackered to ride!


    Pikey. :?

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