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  1. Hi Again, can anyone tell me how to find the year my Honda cb400 super four was made? someone said there is a VIN number somewhere but i can't find it. only the chassis number?
  2. Morning Carbine

    could you post a picture of your bike and im sure HIKO will give you dead righ answer as he is Honda Speacialist
  3. The "chasis" number usually located on the side of the steering head, is the VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number).

    A quick search of "honda motorcycle vin numbers" turned up many websites addressing this.

    Try this one; but I believe it may be for late models only.
  4. thanks for the replies chaps. under the seat is a white sticker which says, CB400F2 N is seems this is the year of manufacture but not sure what the code means, anyone any ideas?
  5. Year of manufacture is printed on all plastics, wheels and brake fluid cables of a bike. :)

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