Yet more rebuild queries?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Mr Damage, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Mr Damage

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    OK, so I'll wait out Joes to try and get the Suzuki Intruder in there to sort out the motor.
    Also seems like a good excuse to completely strip the bike and sort everything out, repaint etc. So just a couple more questions, appreciate if anyone can help for Chiang Mai:
    1. Just pulled the front wheel off and seem the brake calipers are not sitting true to the disk due to a botchy realign with the widened forks, but I will correct that. However have a few bent spokes, any where that re-spokes 19" wheels, getting the spokes all chromed would be nice too...
    2. New tires, somewhere that actually balances the wheels as well as just putting the tire on?
    3. Just in case Joes is too busy, anywhere in the whole country that can professionally rebuild the engine? Includes checking the carburetor jetting etc.
    4. Somewhere to re-core the radiator, might as well do that as well in a hot climate.
    Everything else I can sort out and get it like new again, hopefully I won't have to also strip the motor, have done it before but back home easy to find shops to re-bore cylinders and get new rings, advice, valve seats etc.
    That useful motorbike related shops list was really helpful, thanks to who compiled.
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  3. ianyonok

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    Hi Damage,

    I have rebuilt several wheels here using polished stainless steel spokes. They look great. Get them from
    They will post them here. It's not that hard to do yourself, if you can rebuild an engine. Measure the spoke length and head angle and note if they are butted. Take some photos of the spoke pattern. Lace up the wheel, then remount in the forks to do the balancing. If you do it in the bike's forks you can ensure you get the rim central. I just did a wheel like that a few days ago, worked fine.

    Good luck
  4. Ian Bungy

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  5. Mr Damage

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    Again thanks for the replies. I do appreciate your taking the time to reply as no doubt similar queries keep coming irregularly.

    I will follow up on the spokes re UK as would like to sort out both wheels. Also the balancing.

    Likewise if I come up with any useful information in my mad odyssey to restore a less common bike I will later post info.

    Joes seems pretty doubtful I can get in , so am trying another option, if works out I will laud him otherwise issue warnings...Danger Will Robinson #%&@


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