your dirt bike's seat height too damned high ? try lowering links !

Discussion in 'Technical' started by andamaniac, May 28, 2014.

  1. To all riders like myself, under 6 feet tall :

    You may find that the stock seat height of many dirt bikes (and perhaps some street bikes) is very, very uncomfortable. Damn near impossible. I know I did. So I ordered suspension lowering links ( many brands available, all under GBP 100 ) and had them put on my KLX 250. Best GBP 100 I spent in recent times, highly recommended ![IMG]

  2. damn the pics didnt load. i will try again.
  3. lowering links :

    and new, adjustable height links :
  4. Looks like your picture loading skills are falling short and just not reaching the required level (puns intended) :lolno:
  5. Hmmm
    Let me make a try:



    Can you guys see the pix?
  6. Thanks for that, Viethorse !
  7. Thanks Tony , I think I've got it twigged now :thumbup:

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